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  1. Neonz

    Neonz Member

    Sorry I am a Noob User to G-Phone (HTC Dream).
    Say if I am connected to Wifi to my own Wireless Router.

    It seem to take forever to connect to the internet is there anything wrong with it?

    Does connecting it with USB to PC help speed up the Wifi connection speed?

    There is also a default Market application in the phone when I buy it.

    It does not seem to work when even my phone is connected to Wifi, it is normal or does it requires Data plan in order to use it?

    When I open the market application and select Application, there is this error mesage:

    Goggle sign in
    There was a network error while trying to sign in to
    Retry now or press the back button to cancel.

    Does G-Phone requires Data-Plan to work?
    Because I have recently called my service subsrciber and disable Data Plan and GPRS usage to my phone, which cost a bomb even when I am not using my phone for Data services.

  2. justjimjpc

    justjimjpc Premium Member VIP Member

    I am giving this post a bump to try to get some answer from our WIFI experts out there ....

    I dont use (wifi for my phone) (tether or BT) so i dont know if you can even reach the Market via wifi ...

    I know that there were problems with popmail via wifi early on ...

    To NEONZ ???? do you HAVE a data plan so that you can use the Market App and Do you have 3G connection ?
  3. Neonz

    Neonz Member

    Thanks for the Help.

    Yeah I used to have data plan and 3G connection, but have cancel it because somehow even I did not use it for online application it also go up to a lot of charges.

    Have read the forum, could be application running in the background that cause this.

    Any way to download applications to G-Phone (HTC Dream) without data plan and 3G connection?

    Any way to proper disable usage of data plan and 3G connection when not in use?

    If there is a way to control and monitor 3G connection and data usage, I would re-apply back my data plan and 3G connection.
  4. justjimjpc

    justjimjpc Premium Member VIP Member

    There are apps that can turn your Data off ... try a TAG Search on this site for 'data' '3g' etc .. see what comes ...and maybe someone doing the same data conservation as you will reply ...
  5. dravitmoody

    dravitmoody New Member

    I am from India and having HTC dream G1 phone(T-Mobile) but unable to download or install any application on my mobile. Please provide me any solution if possible. Or link from where I can install the applications.
    Thank you...

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