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    Just bought the lg optimus one, must say its pretty impressive for the amt u pay. Though one prob is that i exchanged the in-box mem card [2gb] for a 4gb one and later came to knw that the pc suite and other apps like shazam etc are pre-loaded on the mem card.

    Is there any way that i can download the same pc suite online?

    Also can i download those pre loaded apps like shazam for free frm the andriod market?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. sameerchitapur

    sameerchitapur New Member

    I too want to know about this.
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  3. JulyDerek

    JulyDerek Well-Known Member


    I did the same thing. You can download the apps again from the store. All work except the dictionary for which you can download another (better) app from the Android store "".

    To download the PC suite, you have to first download the LG mobile support tool. I downloaded it from here Mobile Phone Support

    Then select your country and phone, enter you phone serial etc and it will show updates available for you. You first need to install the device driver.

    Then download and install the PC Suite.

    Hope that helps !
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  4. Member

    thanks a lot for the help! its worked fine. :)

    Also do u knw how to manually sync a particular contact (phonebook) with their facebook profile. Cant find any such option, is it possible.

  5. JulyDerek

    JulyDerek Well-Known Member

    Not that I am aware of. But will try to Google it. Maybe if you put this question in the Main Android section (without naming your phone), you may get an answer.
  6. gregster

    gregster Member

    you have to "join" the phonebook contact and facebook account. you can do this by selecting the phonebook entry, hit the option button and select "edit". when your at the edit screen, hit the option button again and select "join" choose the facebook profile of your contact. the only problem with this is that you have to join every contact you have one by one. i dont know how to do this quicker or efficiently.

    *some of your contacts will sync automatically with facebook but some facebook users dont update or indicate their mobile numbers in their profiles so their number and profile will appear separately on your fone, eventhough they have the same name. hope they fix this in 2.3
  7. nbafna

    nbafna Member

    Instead of PC Suite, try using MyPhonExplorer. Works faster and better.
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  9. skyb0y

    skyb0y Active Member

    When i bought the phone the pc suite application was on the phones memory card :).
    or you can download the LGMobile Support Tool application. Install the application, connect your phone and choose from the menu available software.
  10. Meharwade

    Meharwade Member

    yes you can Download the PC suite on LG's official web site...
  11. kidkhmer

    kidkhmer Member

    Really :rolleyes: where ?:mad:

    Show us the link cos I cannot find it anywhere.
  12. mousepotato

    mousepotato New Member

    You can download the LG Mobile Support Tool here

    Make sure you follow the instructions and install the USB drivers first before connecting the phone.

    Also make sure you have USB Debugging mode enabled on your phone.
  13. honeycombe

    honeycombe New Member

    I accidentally formatted the original stock SD card that came with the phone.

    Does anybody have the original stock SD card files for the LG Optimus One P500 phone? If you do, would it be possible to upload the files somewhere?

  14. vikramverma

    vikramverma New Member

    can any one help me.. how to get my lgp500 updated.. how to upgrade to android 2.3..
  15. Gremaldin

    Gremaldin Well-Known Member

    You really wont need those files (I never did), and anyway, you can find most of those online. Anyway, if you still need them, let me know and I'll upload them for you.
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  16. jege41

    jege41 New Member

    When I try running PC Suite it asks for a password, I never set up any passwords . What is the default password?
  17. ikunalb

    ikunalb Member

    Same problem with me. Any help please.
    Thanks in advance
  18. ikunalb

    ikunalb Member

    Thanks for your cooperation. I need the pc suite files. my mail id is

    Thanks in advance.
  19. Gremaldin

    Gremaldin Well-Known Member

    Isn't it on the LG website? IF it isn't, do a google search. If you still can't find it, I'll upload it for you.
  20. Gremaldin

    Gremaldin Well-Known Member

    I saw on your profile that you already installed PC Suite but can't connect with it. This issue is faced by several others including me. But since the PC Suite sucks anyway, I didn't bother to try an find a solution. IF you're trying to update, just take your phone to a service center, they'll update it for you. If you're trying to backup contacts, you can do that from the contacts app. IF you still want the PC Suite badly, try in XP or try in compatibility mode or something. Its not a problem with the phone because my phone was able to connect with PC Suite at the service center. Updating the PC Suite wont help either. I'm guessing its some compatibility issue. Also, the PC Suite supposedly installs all the necessary drivers by itself, but just to be sure, install LG United mobile drivers. And dont worry about "PC Suite mode", it because the PC Suite was made for all LG phones, not just Android ones. Just connect your phone. IF it doesn't work, try turning on mass storage.
  21. ikunalb

    ikunalb Member

    but i cannot connect to internet through mass storage mode. and to connect the phone to pc suite it aasks to turn on the PC SUITE MODE. and it can be done through installing the pc suite files on the phone (said the executive).
    please upload them
    I will be thankful to you
  22. rudidoni

    rudidoni New Member

    just try 0000
  23. rudidoni

    rudidoni New Member

    I also have the same always asking to connect to the phone. it seems pc suite can not recognised the phone. I also install nokia pc suite on my pc, is that because of there is conflict of two pc suite? one for nokia and one for LG ?
  24. Alex leto

    Alex leto New Member

    my pc is not connected to the internet i need to download from my phone and when i dowload it it failed and when i resume it say download comlete when its like 18 to 19 mb i need a link that can be fully downloaded from my phone

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