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How to edit Lockscreen Shortcuts?Support

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  1. Chrizzl3

    Chrizzl3 Well-Known Member

    I've been searching around everywhere in settings for how to edit the lock screen shortcuts on the lockscreen. All I have are 4 or 6 Unlock symbols no matter which way I drag the small circle.

    I was assuming I could edit to change to certain apps etc...

    Can't find anything in settings or on Google.... I'm STUNNED!

    It seems very

  2. Chrizzl3

    Chrizzl3 Well-Known Member

    I think I figured it out I'm still continue to mess with it and I'm sort of surprised I haven't gotten a response. at first I thought there is 4 or 6 things but when I drag at very sharp angle I realize that thereseem to be unlimited amount of unlocking icons . I guess maybe they don't give the option. Still weird to me!
  3. Atma

    Atma Well-Known Member

    I haven't played around with the lockscreen on mine very much. I thought I had seen a how-to of setting it up somewhere. I was just looking for it but can't find it. Apparently, right now, there are four lockscreen widgets to choose from: Gmail, Calendar, Sound Search, and the digital clock.
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  4. Chrizzl3

    Chrizzl3 Well-Known Member

    I figured out the lock screen widgets no prob.

    I'm trying to figure out a shortcut to apps using lock screen ring. If possible.

    Maybe I've stumped everyone!

    Thx for input.

    Any response is appreciated!

  5. Caveman419

    Caveman419 Well-Known Member

    The only way that I have found to add icons to the lock screen is to run a custom ROM like CM 10.1 or use a lock screen app.
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  6. Curt941

    Curt941 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, when I first unboxed and was playing around, the unlock symbol on the right had a few options (google now, and some others) now it's at the bottom and it's only google now.
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  7. Chrizzl3

    Chrizzl3 Well-Known Member

    Maybe the new android update changed it then! Not a huge deal but still surprising!

    Thx fellaz!

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  8. Caveman419

    Caveman419 Well-Known Member

    That was what I started thinking. The update right out of the box might have changed that.
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