how to empty the trash?

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  1. bobnlessie

    bobnlessie New Member

    I have been trying to delete my email stored in the trash on my Motorola Xoom tablet.
    There are many emails there.

  2. bobnlessie

    bobnlessie New Member

    84 year old great-grandfather trying to empty the trash
  3. olbriar

    olbriar Moderator Moderator

    Hello bobnlessie. Welcome to Android Forums. All devices are a bit different but you might try long pressing an email in your trash folder. It will likely bring up a menu to manage your trash... and empty should be an option. If that doesn't work, you will want to consult with the other owners of the Xoom for better instructions. Here is a link to the area where they hang out: Motorola XOOM - Android Forums
    I hope this helps and thanks for joining the AF community.

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