HOW TO: Enable 850Mhz 3G Network Frequency on your Samsung i9000 Galaxy SSupport

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  1. CrazySte

    CrazySte Well-Known Member


    GSM/EDGE : 850Mhz - 900Mhz - 1800Mhz - 1900Mhz

    WCDMA/3G : 850Mhz - 900Mhz - 1900Mhz - 2100Mhz

    don't worry, i am not Crazy like my NickName states and making your Galaxy S work on 3G with a Carrier that offers 3G only on the 850Mhz Spectrum is as easy as a Finger Tap on the Screen of your Phone.

    Phone companies make Cell Phones for Europe as well as United States, but for sure, to not waste money in making different Chip Boards that can handle different kind of Frequencies, they just make the Same Identical Phone and just enable or disable some Functions.

    In the United States, some carriers, in my case i have a contract with AT&T, use 3G only in the 850Mhz Band, but if you bought your Phone Unlocked and like me it came from Europe, the 850Mhz Band is disabled, so you just have to Enable the 850Mhz Band Frequency in order to be able to pick up the 3G Frequency of you Carrier here in the US.

    Here is how you do it:

    Open the Phone Screen and Type the following code:

    * # * # 1 9 7 3 2 8 6 4 0 # * # *

    The phone will automatically take you to a screen called:



    [3] UMTS RF NV
    [4] GSM RF NV
    [5] AUDIO
    [6] COMMON

    all these options are written very very small so you will have to touch the screen very accurately to get the right one... so select them in the following order:

    [1] Debug Screen
    [8] Phone Control
    [7] Network Control
    [2] Band Selection

    Once you Tap on "Band Selection" you will have a screen stating these 4 Options:

    [1] Automatic
    [2] WCDMA Band []
    [3] GSM Band []
    [4] Combi Bands []

    The Asterisk ' * ' indicates what option has been chosen, in this case the selection is on "AUTOMATIC" which is correct: the Phone will pick the best Network to work, we just have to make sure that the Phone is searching in all the Possible Networks because by Default some of them are Disabled.

    So Tap on:
    [2] WCDMA Band []

    and on the screen you will see appearing the following Options:

    = WCDMA BAND =
    [1] WCDMA ALL []
    [2] WCDMA 2100(FDD I)
    [3] WCDMA 1900(FDD II)
    [4] WCDMA 900(FDD VIII)
    [5] WCDMA 850 (FDD V) []


    In my case, since the Telephone comes from Europe, the 850 Band is not enabled and you can tell that by the fact that it doesn't have the ' * ' beside it.

    [5] WCDMA 850 (FDD V)[]

    the phone in about a second will tell you that the Option has been Enabled.

    ~~~To Go Back DO NOT USE THE "LOOPED ARROW" Button~~~

    and select "BACK" ===

    now on the screen you should see the Asterisk beside all the Frequencies, like this:

    = WCDMA BAND =
    [1] WCDMA ALL []
    [2] WCDMA 2100(FDD I)
    [3] WCDMA 1900(FDD II)
    [4] WCDMA 900(FDD VIII)
    [5] WCDMA 850 (FDD V)

    Now, just to make sure that we did everything right, let's press again the "MENU BUTTON" and select again "BACK" so we go back to the
    " =BAND SELECTION= " Screen:

    [1] Automatic
    [2] WCDMA Band []
    [3] GSM Band []
    [4] Combi Bands []

    This time, let's choose a different Option:

    Tap On:
    [4] Combi Bands []

    and you will see a screen giving many more Bands Options like this:

    [1] GSM 850
    [2] GSM 900
    [3] DCS 1800
    [4] PCS 1900
    [5] WCDMA 2100(FDD I)
    [6] WCDMA 1900(FDD II)
    [7] WCDMA 900(FDD VIII)
    [8] WCDMA 850 (FDD V)

    Make sure that there is the ' * ' beside the "WCDMA 850 (FDD V)" if you don't see it, Tap on that Option so that it will be enabled.

    And then go Back (remember you have to do that with the "MENU BUTTON" and not with the "LOOPED ARROW" Button) and make sure that all the Bands have been enabled.

    If all the 8 Different Bands Options have the Asterisk beside it, you have successfully enabled all the 3G Bands available and now you will be able to access the 850Mhz 3G Network Spectrum.


    This is it, for me it worked, now i am using my Samsung Galaxy S with AT&T 3G and for now, i didn't have any problem... i don't know if in the future AT&T will "'bitch'" about this, but i really hope not.

    After all, it's their fault that they keep locking down the Android Phones that they sell making them as much Unusable as an iPhone.

    I hope this post help



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  2. jim5055

    jim5055 Member

    And easier way to remember the service code is to use
    As 0011 this is the IDD prefix from Australia it is very easy to remember.
    Then use menu back (not back) to move up the menu structure two levels to the above menu.

    but . . .

    and I really wish the above were universally true . . . the hardware in the phones does vary.

    The international version does not support 3G on 850 - there is a special version for Telstra Australia and various USA variants (captivate and vibrant) that do. The Asian version does not. The 850 variants then in turn do not support 3G on 900MHz like used by Optus in Australia. The only phone I know of that handles all bands is the iphone.
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  3. CrazySte

    CrazySte Well-Known Member

    HELLO Jim,
    sorry to contrast you in this affirmation, but the Vibrant does not support 850Mhz but instead it does support 1700Mhz AWS Band.

    The only difference network wise between the Samsung i9000 Galaxy S and the Samsung T969 Vibrant is just that the Vibrant is made to work with the 1700Mhz which is used in Europe and by T-Mobile and Simple Mobile in the US to run both 3G and 4G Networks.

    The process to Enable the 900Mhz and 1900Mhz Network on the Vibrant should me something similar to the process i used to enable the 850Mhz on my i9000, in fact there are some store that sell the Vibrant that works with those 4 bands... it seems instead impossible to find a Phone that supports 3G on both 850Mhz and 1700Mhz Networks.
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  4. jim5055

    jim5055 Member

    I am merely trying to point out that all SGS are not the same in hardware - even CPU vary across different types. If I try the turning on 850 trick as described above I get an error.
    I have been trying to buy an 850MHz 3G capable phone in Aus. I already have an international I9000 bought in Singapore that does not support 850 (my mistake) and want a phone that does. ie edge only sucks - I want higher data speed and my provider (Telstra) really only provides good service on 850 with sporadic coverage on 1900. The local SGS suppliers state 850 support on captivate and vibrant hence my claim - if they are wrong - well then that is the source of my mis informaiton - but other issues with these phones turn me off both phones (no front facing camera - no 2.2 official support).
    There is a special I9000 that does do 850 - the SGS I9000 nextG - but it is not the international version. With regard to 1700 I have no interest.
    In summary I would love to have 850 in my current phone but . . .
  5. oabedward

    oabedward New Member

    Do you know if the instructions you posted will work for the Nexus S or if there is a way to enable 850Mhz 3G on it?
  6. os2

    os2 Member

    I had the same problem. Have Galaxy S I9000T, but i am in Panama, so after meny flash and experiment, i fixed 850 problem by flushing XWJS3 that brought the phone to XPY 2.2.1 and then using trick mention above got 850 working. Hope this will help.
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  7. jquint

    jquint Member

    My GTI9000 does have all the menu selections indicated by the original post. No way to test if it really can use the 850 Mhz band though.
  8. jatank

    jatank Active Member

    Am based in uk with an unlocked phone is it good practice to enable all bands available in this menu then select 'automatic'?
  9. vAgathon

    vAgathon New Member

    Important thing to note that the ability to enable these bands depend on the hardware of the phone. i9000T and i9000M users can use this because their phones have the hardware to support the 850Mhz band. On the other hand, you won't be able to enable 900Mhz CDMA because the hardware doesn't support it.

    This is largely useful because most i90000 ROMs and modems will prefer the 900/2100 band and will disable the 850 band (if the capability is there).

    The Nexus S doesn't have the hardware to support 850Mhz, so no, there is no way to enable that CDMA band.

    It's unfortunate that there aren't more quad-band and penta-band phones out there. It would save people a lot of grief. :(
  10. CrazySte

    CrazySte Well-Known Member


    OK, just to be clear on what phone i used to describe this procedure, this is what my phone is:

    Model Number:

    FirmWare Version:

    Baseband Version:

    Kernel Version
    root@SE-S608 #1

    Build Number

    Now after reading some of these posts i am almost afraid of Upgrading to Froyo 2.2.1 because i am afraid i will loose capability of getting 3G with 850Mhz...

    thank's Guys!
  11. CrazySte

    CrazySte Well-Known Member

    ... no i am serious about my previous post: is it possible that if i UpGrade my Phone from 2.2 to version 2.2.1 i won't be able to access these functions and ultimately not be able to work in 3G anymore???
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  12. fanfanfanfan

    fanfanfanfan Member

    I have the same pb but i do not know how to type on the screen....
    Thanks a lot:)
  13. dsp1409

    dsp1409 New Member

    Hi Crazyste, thanks for the very informative and easy to follow instructions. I just don't know if you or someone else can help. I've got a UK Samsung Galaxy S i9000 (froyo 2.2) and it worked great on 3g with Vivo here in Brasil, they operate on the 2100mhz band but a couple of weeks ago I had a problem with Vivo billing for a service I didn't approve so I changed to TIM. Unfortunately I found out after signing a 1 year contract that TIM 3g in my state, Santa Catarina, operates on the 850mhz band!! I was dissappointed but then happy when I found your posting!! But when I get to band selection instead of having
    (5) WCDMA 850 (FDD V) [] as an option I have
    (6) WCDMA 850 (FDD V) [] and when I select that I get the following message:
    Current Command is 187226

    I can select option (6) via the combi band and work backwards but it doesn't active the 850mhz band. Or at least TIM 3g is still not available to me! So frustrating. I left Apple and iPhone because no-one tells what gasonline to put in a car when I buy it or what TV channels to watch when I buy a TV, so why should Steve Jobs tell me what apps I can or can't buy! But here are Sumsung indirectly doing what the film companies do, impose restrictions depending on where I live on something I paid for and own! Amazing arrogance, so now I'm thinking about what my next mobile will be!
    Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  14. dsp1409

    dsp1409 New Member

    Hi, just as an appendage to my previous 'technical' situation, surely Samsung are guilty of missrepresentation at best ! Or even fraud at worst. I bought this phone because it was described as a 'quad band' phone - that may be true for GSM but it certainly isn't for 3g or WCDMA or whatever it is called! That was the basis on which I bought the phone and Sumsung have my money! Any 'legal eagles' out there who may have an opinion!?
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  15. DocTee

    DocTee Member

    I'm getting the same exact error message on my SGS
    Unlocked international version
    Model GT-I9000
    Firmware 2.1-update1
    Kernel version 2.6.29
    Build number ECLAIR.DXJG4
  16. DocTee

    DocTee Member

    Ok, I played around with my phone a little more.

    It works now.

    To DSP1409,
    Instead of going to the [2] WCDMA BAND [] selection, go straight to the [4] COMBI Bands [] selection, then select [8] WCDMA 850 (FDD V)
    Then go BACK, and reverify the [2] WCDMA BAND [] and you'll see that the WCDMA 850 (FDD V) is now selected. Then follow the rest of CrazySte's instructions to go BACK and END.

    Hope this helps you.

    BTW, I'm in the USA and have AT&T as my carrier.
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  17. VicNaz1

    VicNaz1 New Member

    I would very much like to know if turning on / off the various bands / spectrum in the Android can be done across the entire product line? If so, I'm looking to pitch this to some senior FAA folks as a solution for small airplanes that sometimes get lost and crash. These airplanes are often flying too low for radar to track and these guys don't get found for days. If I can enable a cell phone to 'ping' out their position via text message the only problem would be programming the android to NOT use the 850 frequency spectrum. The FCC says that airborne aircraft cannot use the 800 - 850 MHz band. All others are legal in GA (private) airplanes.
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  18. fatjoez

    fatjoez New Member

    Hey there

    I have an I9000T with Darkys 9.2 rom

    I have gone into the service menu and set my band to the following

    GSM 900
    DCS 1800
    WCDMA 850

    Problem is this seems to reset every time I change from GSM to WCDMA or GSM/WCDMA

    Or at least everytime I turn the phone off on

    Is there anyway to hack this so it stops changing to the defaults?
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  19. Black999

    Black999 New Member

  20. virusdunil

    virusdunil Well-Known Member

    i have a canadian BELL sgs Vibrant I9000M and uses UGJL2 modem

    so everytime i flash a new rom (froyo OR gingerbread) i have to flash the UGJL2 modem with odin over the one in the custom rom;)
  21. dsp1409

    dsp1409 New Member

    Well in the end I had to buy the i9000m. There is no way the European version of the i9000 has the 850mhz modem. I tried everything on this forum, xda and others with no success. You can enter the intructions provided by crazyste but the hardware just isn't there! So here in Brazil, where TIM uses the 850mhz band for 3g you have to have the i9000m.
    What I'm really interested in is how virusdunil can seperate the UGJL2 modem using Odin! Would you kindly let me have some detailed instructions please. my i9000m has the following firmware: PDA:UGJL2, PHONE:UGJL2, CSC:BMCJL2.
    I have Froyo 2.2 at the moment and want to move to 2.2.1 or even Gingerbread 2.3 but I'm worried about losing the UGJL2 modem! Is it the CSC that has the actual modem firmware?
    Please let me know how to upgrade to 2.2.1 or Gingerbread and then reinstalling the UGJL2 modem afterwards. I've used Odin to upgrade my other i9000 so I feel comfortable using it, but I've didn't know you could upgrade individual components! So some detailed instructions would be most welcome. Thanks.
  22. virusdunil

    virusdunil Well-Known Member

    ok...on my phone i have...

    OK..ill do my best to explain the way i did it...

    BUT im not responsible if you brick your phone...i did it and its working.

    you can change a lot of things with ODIN :)
    and here's how i did it

    [Gingerbread] v10.0 Beta 3 [UNSUPPORTED] | Darky's ROM

    AFTER flashing JV! and everything woks,flash the modem usin odin.
    Download this ROM it on your desktop and search for MODEM.BIN
    put the modem.bin in PHONE of ODIN,UNTICK RE-PARTITION and START.......

    reboot and enjoy
  23. DamianGTO

    DamianGTO Well-Known Member

    Phone= modem :)
    And you must TAR the modem.bin file or Odin dont work.
    Also you cant TAR the file with any zip program.
    The best and easyest way it to open en tar file with 7zip and remove all and put your modem.bin in it.
    You can also use peaZip :)
  24. DamianGTO

    DamianGTO Well-Known Member

    All I9000 do have 850Mhz hardware. you need only to use the right modem.
    Sometimes you also need to activate it in the service meny..
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  25. virusdunil

    virusdunil Well-Known Member

    what i do is i put modem.bin directly in PHONE in odin ,untick re-partition and start

    always done it this way;)

    sorry damian , ive answered too fast...i missread your answer :D

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