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How to enable bookmarklets in Android

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    Dec 11, 2009
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    Many users (including me) have been frustrated by the Android browser's inability to handle bookmarklets. Here's how to make them work and bypass the browser's annoying insistence on appending "http://" to new bookmarks. This *will* allow you to use your Instapaper and Evernote bookmarklets; I haven't tested it on Lastpass since I don't use Lastpass.

    To enable bookmarklets:

    * Get My Bookmarks (free) from the Market

    * Export your *desktop* computer's Chrome, FF or IE bookmarks

    * Go to the My Bookmarks site on your desktop computer (RerWare MyBookmarks: Import your computer's Browser Bookmarks onto your Android? G1, G2\Hero, HTC phone)

    * Upload the generated file

    * Load My Bookmarks on your Android device

    * Begin importing

    * Choose "One by One"

    * Import only the bookmarklets (plus any other bookmarks you want on your device)

    The bookmarklets will now be in your browser *without* the html:// prefix.

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