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How to Enable Data Connection, 3G/2G/GSM after Disable (Samsung Galaxy Apollo) ?Support

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  1. susheeltyagi

    susheeltyagi Member


    I have Samsung Galaxy apollo, I have disabled the Data connection because of small battery life. Now I want to Enble the data connection for using 3G/internet outside WIfi range.

    I have used to disabled the Data connection as below way..

    # Dial *#*#4636#*#* to open

  2. susheeltyagi

    susheeltyagi Member


    I have got the solution. I have reset the phone on factory mode. All the application have installed again. Then working perfectly.

    Actually phone battery life span is very short (3-4 hrs) without WiFi/ GPS/ Account & Sync/ No major application / phone call 30 min max in 3-4 hrs time span.

    Now I have installed the Advance Task killer & APN application (for Enable/Disable Data Connection, 3G/2G/GSM) for increase the battery life. let see how much battery life will increase.

    If anybody also facing the same battery problem & they have any idea for increase the battery life then let me know.


  3. barqers

    barqers Well-Known Member

    Yeah I think 3G drains the battery quickly. I'm trying to find a way that I can disable 3G and turn on 2G/Edge?
  4. susheeltyagi

    susheeltyagi Member

    Hi friends,

    Though who are struggling with the Low battery life for Samsung galaxy Apollo phone good news for them.
    I brought this phone few days before. since that day I was facing the low battery problem hardly 3-4 hrs battery life. I have tried so many ways to increase the battery life by installing many applications. But No result. Finally I have got good & easy solution of this I have installed the 'Quick Setting' application with 'Advance task killer'. Its a free on android site. By this I can Stop/Start the 3G/2G data, Auto Sync Data, Wifi,GPS, blue tooth, Sound, Brightness and Ringer/vibrator if not in use. If need then switch ON after that switch off.

    As per my observation. In morning 8:00 a.m. my phone battery was 100%. in whole day I have use min 75 Min Voice call, Media player mp3 songs played approx 1.5 hrs, 45 min approx Internet mail check & download some software also by 3G/Data. Now 10:00 p.m. my phone have 70% battery life. Previously in 4 hrs my phone used to dead/switch Off automatically because of low battery.
    Now when I need Internet I switch ON Mobile Data 3G or WiFi / AutoSyncData by one touch toggle button switch of 'Quick Setting' application. After the use I used to switch off.

    Dramatically my phone battery life increase 3 times then before (more then 12 hrs).

    If anybody is also facing the battery problem then follow my way.


  5. afl777

    afl777 Active Member

    Settings.....Wireless and Network.....Mobile Networks.....then you see 4 options.

    Click on use only 2g networks.

    Ang x
  6. Tigsteroonie

    Tigsteroonie Member

    Has anybody found a decent app that switches off the 3G/Edge but leaves the MMS setting intact (O2 PAYG)?

    I was using APNOfOff by CurveFish but today realised that, despite me saying "enable MMS" when switched off, I was not successfully sending or receiving any MMS messages.
  7. Wencaaa

    Wencaaa New Member

    you can try app Internet OnOff Free application from android market

    where you can choose if you want MMS enabled or disabled

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