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  1. Maca0716

    Maca0716 Member

    Hi all

    How do I enable notifications for updates to apps I've downloaded from the marketplace? Can't seem to find the option.

    thank you.

  2. Maca0716

    Maca0716 Member

    Does nobody know? :(
  3. As far as I know, there's no way to "notify" you. Howver, when you go into the Market app on your phone, hit the menu button and select "downloads". It will populate and anything that has an update will be listed at the top.
  4. Maca0716

    Maca0716 Member

    Ah right i'm sure my HTC Desire used to notify me of updates for apps i just assumed it was standard from droid phones.
  5. johnnewhouse

    johnnewhouse Well-Known Member

    my G1 used to inform me without having to go into the market. the Galaxy S does not seem to do that.
    its not bothering me too much though as i open the market once a day.
  6. ayrshiredude

    ayrshiredude Well-Known Member

    i thought that was a new feature in froyo
  7. Mark_H

    Mark_H Well-Known Member

    Mine notifies me - on the pull down menu it states the number of updates available.
  8. Maca0716

    Maca0716 Member

    This is what i'm talking about, any idea if you know what settings you have to enable this?
  9. big_mike

    big_mike Well-Known Member

    yes, go to
    market, downloads, menu, notify and check notify me it ticked

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