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  1. neo_the_one

    neo_the_one Well-Known Member

    hi everyone!
    i am having a rooted stock galaxy pro gt b7510.
    i want to customize it with your help.
    i have multiple questions to ask!

    1. i m having problem with the java(jbed) app in my
    it runs the games good but there are no controls
    except 1 enter button.. and also there is no touch
    screen support!!! plz help, as i really want to play
    age of empires 3.jar on my phone.

    2. how to overclock and flash custom rom to my galaxy pro. i mean to say that, are there any custom rom and overclockable kernels available for this phone? i will be happy to update it to v2.3.3 or overclock it from 800 mhz to 1 ghz!

    3. can i enable multitouch and flash support on this phone with some hack??

    4. can i upgrade to a higher mah battery to increase my battery life without damaging hardware?

    5. can u tel me where i can get c4droid app or any other similar programming app for free as i dont have a credit card.

    6. any working live tv app (india).

    thanx in advance, for any help on any topic you can give!

  2. neo_the_one

    neo_the_one Well-Known Member

    Ok neo, No need to be sad. You just got 1000 views!!! Yey..! :D
    But, still no reply to my post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Not even a single....

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