How to ensure I have LTE (4G) active on the handset when I am in an LTE area?Support

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  1. 3vodroid

    3vodroid Well-Known Member

    Settings... Mobile network... Network mode

    If I'm not mistaken out of the box it it is set on cdma/lte

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  2. GunnerExcel

    GunnerExcel Member


    Yeah it was already set to lte but I guess I'm not getting a signal. Stupid 3g is driving me nuts.
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  3. GunnerExcel

    GunnerExcel Member

  4. suprmallet

    suprmallet Well-Known Member

    The towers may be upgraded but still testing and thus not accessible by consumer phones. This appears to be the case in most round one markets currently, with the known exception of Athens, Georgia.
  5. 3vodroid

    3vodroid Well-Known Member

  6. vicshalls

    vicshalls Well-Known Member

    Is there one? If so where I can't find one and did peep go away? I set up twitter for htc but I can't find it to put on my home screen. Any ideas where it is? I thanks for the help. Other than that I am loving this phone. So light and sleek. Just got it last night and been playing all morning.
  7. 84guy

    84guy Well-Known Member

    LTE is different then wimax, it is automatic. Only way to toggle it is settings/mobile network/network mode. CDMA is 3g only and LTE/CDMA is 4g and 3g
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  8. vicshalls

    vicshalls Well-Known Member

    Thanks I appreciate that. I live in Houston so I know it will be going live here soon. Just wanted to be prepared. Lol hoping the lte will work at my office cause right now getting even 3g to work is a mirical.
  9. ovrrdrive

    ovrrdrive Well-Known Member

    I had forgotten to check for the LTE switch. I know in my area it will late next year before we get LTE so three isn't any sense in scanning for it. My phone is CDMA only now. Thanks.
  10. vicshalls

    vicshalls Well-Known Member

    does anyone know if there will be some kind of notice on the phone when we are using know like the little 3g thing that blinks on the menue at the top?i was just wondering so i would know if it is on 3g or lte. my area is supposes to have lte next sunday and wanted to be able to tell what network i would be on.thanks
  11. Rxpert83

    Rxpert83 Dr. Feelgood Moderator

    I'm positive there would be either a 4G or LTE icon displayed where 3G is currently.
  12. NeoEVO

    NeoEVO Well-Known Member

    Pardon the fuzzy jpegs from the Sprint User Guide. Look to the Status Bar for these icons.

    Sprint 4G LTE Network is available

    Sprint 4G LTE Network available and active (with icon animation)
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  13. PyroSporker

    PyroSporker Well-Known Member

    Yes, there is an icon in the notification bar just like there is for 3G :)
    See below (From the User Guide Page 25):


    To ensure you are able to access 4G LTE you will want to verify/set your mobile networks for it by going to: Settings -> Mobile Network -> Network Mode -> LTE/CDMA

    Once the LTE network is available, and you have your Mobile Network toggled on, you will automatically connect to it with priority over 3G.

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  14. jdm5000

    jdm5000 Member

    Supposedly they turned it on in Dallas and I'm right in the middle of coverage.. all I can get is 3G.
  15. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    They are working to fix the issues on Dallas. There is no set in stone coverage area anywhere you find a coverage map view it as "planned coverage in progress". ..the soft launch was with the completion between will improve
  16. kuscoot

    kuscoot Active Member

    I live in Kansas City and I have seen 4g a few times in
    The last few days but never long enough to even complete a speed test. But each time I update prl 4g pops on for a few seconds... And just now when i woke my phone it said 4g but just until I picked it up... Any thoughts or suggestions? Weird.
  17. Crimson01

    Crimson01 Well-Known Member

    I think we have a problem with LTE on the EVO. Side by side tonite in a known good LTE area with my wifes Gnex, the Gnex connected immediately, and my EVO stayed in 3G. I confirmed I was in CDMA/LTE mode, but switched to CDMA only, then back to CDMA/LTE and poof, 4G. Also, when we neared the end of the LTE range, mine dropped long before the Gnex. I have stumbled across others in another forum with same issue.

    I'm beginning to rethink that S3. Anybody else have the same issue? The good news I have to report is that when I'm on it, I got over 18M down. 3G off that same tower blows though. See pic...

  18. Rxpert83

    Rxpert83 Dr. Feelgood Moderator

    With only a fraction of LTE towers operational and improvements plenned for the next few years, I wouldn't he worried about how your phone does in 1 tower

    It's too early in the game to panic
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  19. Crimson01

    Crimson01 Well-Known Member

    And if there were 2 LTE towers in the area? Would that change the issue? I'm just curious why it had to be toggled, and the Gnex didn't.
  20. PyroSporker

    PyroSporker Well-Known Member

    Interesting. Before we try to start counting chickens, is there any chance that you can replicate the experiment and provide some 'data' for us while trying to limit variables?

    Can you connect to LTE on each handset, one at a time (don't place phones near eachother), with all other radios off.

    Then go to Settings -> About Phone -> Network Info -> Signal Strength
    (this may be different or only in back end menus on the Sprint Galaxy Nexus 4G LTE)

    And notate the approximate signal strength on each phone by itself from the same position. Lay the phone down so that you will hopefully interfere less with the signal transmission/reception. Also get readouts from different distances from the tower. More or less, a strong signal area and weak signal area.

    I found this article particularly enlightening in regards to deciphering the "new" 4G approximate signal strength read outs in comparison to 'regular'/'old' (2G/3G) approximate signal strength read outs.
    RSSI vs RSRP: A Brief LTE Signal Strength Primer - S4GRU

    If you are adventurous, or want to go one step further, download and try Open Signal Maps for more options in data gathering. It can help you possibly locate the tower(s) and help determine the distance to the tower (though I'm not sure how/if Open Signal works for reading 4G).

    Even doing everything I've mentioned we can still not draw any clear cut conclusions. And like RX mentioned, the network is not fully operational yet so this is all more or less silly.
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  21. Nevis

    Nevis Well-Known Member

    Did you try updating your PRL? Maybe that's the ticket?
  22. aikesson

    aikesson New Member

    I noticed the same thing on my LTEVO. My brother has the same phone and his automatically connects to the 4G network, but I have to toggle the settings to CDMA only then back to CDMA/LTE for my phone to connect to the 4G network.
  23. k4mjk

    k4mjk Member

    I have tried 4 different LTEVO's and it rarely connects to LTE my S3 connects no problem I work on cell sites so I know there is coverage but the evo will not switch also pandora will not work on cellular data only wifi there is defiantly a switching issue in the phone or the radio has an issue
  24. Rxpert83

    Rxpert83 Dr. Feelgood Moderator

    It'll get worked out. We're supposed to be getting an ota with the same radio fixes the s3 had
  25. Crimson01

    Crimson01 Well-Known Member


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