How To Enter Recovery Mode, The Correct Procedure.Tips

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    Edit Update:
    As of October 2010, T-Mobile has released an Over The Air update, known as Ji6. JI6 fixes many issues, along with the 3 button problem. The second boot loader (sbl) was the issue.Thus nobody should have problems getting into recovery now. Just start with your phone off.
    Then hold down vol up and vol down at same time, also hold down power at same time. All 3.
    When you seethe white Vibrant logo, let go of only the power button, but keep pressing both volume keys. The phone should go into recovery.
    For those with the update, you can now ignore the instructions below.

    Okay, I'm reading lots of people having trouble getting into recovery mode, thinking their phone is broken or busted. Chances are you are not holding down the power button log enough, or you are letting go of something too quick.

    FOLLOW THESE DIRECTIONS STEP BY STEP. You hopefully should have no problems.

    1) START with your phone off

    2) Press volume down AND volume up at same time, keep them pressed in the entire time, do NOT let go. I prefer to hold my phone in landscape, this gives me better control with my fingers.

    3) WHILE holding down volume up and volume down, press and hold power button, DO NOT LET GO OF ANYTHING. You should be holding down volume up, volume down, and power, DON'T LET GO! HOLD ON... and proceed to next steps, dont let go!

    4) PHONE will start, you will see the white Vibrant logo. STILL DON'T LET GO, volume down, volume up, and power all pressed.

    5) White Vibrant logo disappears, still dont let go!

    6) White Vibrant logo re-appears again for the second time. When the white vibrant logo appears the second time, let go of the power button, but keep holding down volume down and volume up.

    7) Phone begins to enter recovery mode, you can let go finally.

    8) To exit, select "reboot system now" and use your power button to select, you will exit recovery mode.

    I hope this works for you guys, it works on my phone, hopefully you have the same luck

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  2. TuesdayClub

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    For those of you (like me) whose phone does not boot like this, you will need to use adb or if rooted Rom Manager.
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    Do I loose everything, from my phone?
  4. SamsungVibrant

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    What do you mean? One way to loose everything is if you go into recovery and do a factory rest, it puts your phone back to stock.

    Is that what you were asking?
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    i have clockwork setup.. then i unrooted my phone. now i am tryin to root it again.. it would not take me to android recovery, but would take me to clockwork instead.. is there a way i can switch back to android recovery


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