How to erase/wipe optimus v or/and android

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  1. bader660av

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    I want to erase my phone so I can sell it. How to I make sure none of my old personal information is on it or can be recovered?

    I wiped my Sd card and I copied just the mod zip file I want on the phone.

    I then rebooted into recovery.

    and I formated:




    and then installed from sd card the rom I want.

    Is that it? I assume if I format boot that would be bad??

    what about




  2. AndyOpie150

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    If your going to sell it then:
    Go to All Things Root Guide sticky. Select the guide on how to update to the ZV9 update. This will return the phone to a bone stock state with a stock recovery and no root access.
    The buyer will be able to setup their own Google account and use the activate app.
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  3. badblue1

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    This ^

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