How to export contacts from X10 to iPhone 3G??Support

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  1. shungo

    shungo Member

    I am going to use 2 phones so I need my contacts in X10 on my iPhone as well. Please help out.


  2. beau420

    beau420 Well-Known Member

    One way is to create google account...then in the phone menu, goto Sync and choose to sync with your google account.

    Then on new phone....go to sync...login to your gmail account.

    Another contacts....push left button on the phone....chose Backup...and chose the SIM card....then it will copy contacts to the SIM.

    Then manually take the SIM out....put in new phone...left button...import contacts...chose SIM contacts..then it will copy them to memory....then take out SIM...put back in old phone....
  3. shungo

    shungo Member

    I tried the SIM method but a SIM card can only hold a limited amount of contats.

    I'll try the google method.

  4. ribeyesteak

    ribeyesteak Member

    ATT sim can hold 500 contacts
  5. shungo

    shungo Member

    I'm using Fido in Canada.

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