How to find and root the 32GB Galaxy Note?

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  1. cdl

    cdl Well-Known Member

    Hi all,

    Does anyone know retailers which stock the 32GB version and could ship to the UK?

    More specifically, does anyone know if the rooting method for the 16GB version also work for the 32GB one?

    All I know is that some users on xda reported buying the 32GB version of the Galaxy note from this Austrian retailer:
    Smartphone SAMSUNG N7000 Galaxy Note, 32GB, carbon blue

    Expansys also shows it, but the availability date keeps being pushed back (it used to be tomorrow March 29th, now it's been moved to April 10th), so I wonder if they will ever really have one available.
    Samsung Galaxy Note 32GB (EU Handset + UK Adapter, Carbon Blue) Deals, #SAMGALNOTE32UK - UK


  2. ppsp

    ppsp Member

    Yes, you root them the same way.
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  3. cdl

    cdl Well-Known Member

    I have just received the 32 GB note I bought from Ditech (DiTech Computer).
    I contacted them via email; they were very kind, spoke a very good English and arranged for the Note to be sent to the UK. Even factoring the cost of international delivery, it was much cheaper than Expansys. I paid with a bank transfer as they wouldn't accept foreign credit cards nor paypal; if you don't have a euro account make sure you know how much your bank charges for foreign transfers in another currency, or use a currency broker like hifx. The whole process took a week: 2 business days for the money to reach their account, and 3 business days to send the Note from Austria to the UK.

    By buying it from an Austrain retailer I am betting I won't need the warranty, but I'd make that bet regardless as I always root my phones anyway (which voids the warranty).

    The phone has 25GB of available storage and I managed to root it straight away using the guide at the bottom of this post on xda:
    [STOCK ROMS] N7000 All stock ROMs + install + Root guide All at 1 place,Latest XXLC2 - xda-developers
    This forum has a guide, too, but the links point to files which are no longer available.

    I don't speak a word of German but of course I managed to set the phone to English, so no problem there.
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  4. NL3181

    NL3181 New Member

    Hi there,
    I am thinking to purchase a Pink Galaxy Note from this same webshop DiTech. Do you have any screen issues with your note like those people have mentioned in this forum and others ?
    Also, where is your Note made in ?
    So sorry for many questions asked. :p
  5. lazov

    lazov New Member

    hi cdl.
    I read your thread about Galaxy Note bought from DiTech. I live in Slovenia I am thinking to order one from them but 16 GB version. So please tell me about warranty, did they send you all the papers, receipt.. Are you satisfied with them, is the phone flawless?. Thank you very much in advance.:)

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