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how to find deleted pictures helpSupport

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  1. gatorpond

    gatorpond Active Member

    Just deleted pictures by accident is there a way to get them back on my k1? Thank you for any help you advise me on

  2. kejlyCZ

    kejlyCZ Well-Known Member

    If the photos was stored on memory card, just take-out the memory card, place it to computer card reader (or connect the phone to computer in mass storage mode, but it's very slow then) and try to run some undelete program on the card disc. Or if it was stored on internal memory accessible as USB massstorage disc, connect it as USB drive and run undelete on the storage.
    Important thing is not to write to card after deleting the photos, but if no program wrote to the memory after deletion, the probability to restore files is really high.

    Search Google for the undelete program
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  3. robertpicassa

    robertpicassa New Member

    whenever you loss your data from any of the storage device never rewrite on device if you do so then you will loose your data. Its better to use any photo recovery software for recovery purpose. Before buying any photo recovery software just check weather it will recover your photo or not and for checking it you need to choice those softwares which can give you the preview option of your lost files before buying it.
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  4. gatorpond

    gatorpond Active Member

    I will try what both of you suggested, do you know of a program or app that finds deleted pictures.
    Thank you for your suggestions
  5. gatorpond

    gatorpond Active Member

    thank you for your suggestions but where do I find a undelete program that was mentioned. That would help if you know of any.
  6. jdtablets

    jdtablets Member

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  7. gatorpond

    gatorpond Active Member

    Thank you for the advice but again where do i find recuvva software program. Ihave searched google and the android apps but with no luck

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