how to fix htc evo 4g weather & clock widgetTips

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  1. Splendor1

    Splendor1 New Member

    It's easy to fix the problem once you know how. Here is the tip. 1st, go to the home page and press menu, then settings, accounts & sync. Make sure Auto-sync is checked and press sync all. After that, press home. This will take care of the weather forecast. 2nd step is to show you how to get the clock and weather widget back to home page as you first bought your new device.
    Press menu, then press Scenes. Select HTC and save it. This will take care of the appearing of widget on your home page. It took me a few minutes to figure this out. Good luck and God bless you.;)

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  2. noriko

    noriko New Member

    i am still trying to get the original time/weather widget back.
    i followed your instructions but got a version where the numbers have a ''spray painted '' look.
    i dont know how this happened. i had my phone in my back pocket and it accidentally turned on and changed to this version which isnt even in the htc options!
    Please help if you can.
    thank you!!!

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