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  1. DaNuke

    DaNuke Member

    So I've finally figured out how to make my phone tether, but installing the latest version of CM9 on it. I'm really happy that I'm able to tether now without relying on friend's and family's phones. The only problem I have is when I connect to Xbox Live, it connects, but with a strict NAT type, which doesn't allow me to play online. Is there anyway to fix this? I'ma kind of a tech noob, so please provide step-by-step instructions if there is a solution. Thanks.

  2. weddle

    weddle Well-Known Member

    Correct me if I'm wrong anyone, but I'm pretty sure you'll never be able to play on xbl from a phone tether...the live service uses ALOT of data (bandwidth, whatever lol) but I don't think a phone is capable of keeping up with that.
  3. CDPlant

    CDPlant Well-Known Member

    I used to do it with the Wifi Hotspot rather than tethering, you could try that perhaps and see if it makes a difference? I think you can find it in Settings > Wireless and Networks > Mobile[Wifi] Hotspot.
  4. Tokens210

    Tokens210 Well-Known Member

    A few times when my cable was out i used my phones wifi hotspot and connected to xbox live fine, open Nat, then about 10 minutes later it was strict but still allowed me to sign on at least so i could play my games on my hdd, or get an update, only thing you cant really do is multiplayer games

    as far as i could tell myself and according to what ive read, youll never get it to open Nat always

    from what ive read just on tethering, you can see alot of the tethering programs and such dont fully work and the fix is to go into setting and change the MTU to something like 1472 which i believe is the most our phones can do

    For Xbl they want a constant MTU of 1500 or higher, if your device cant do that, which i believe our phones cant, then itll have problems

    im no expert in any of these areas, and it has been a long time since ive read up on these things, or tinkered with them, so some things i said could very well be different now

    Fun Fact: The MTU is usually how xbox keeps people from signing in on days of major updates or fixes, raise the MTU to a number nothing can do and noone can Sign in lol
  5. xAudacityx

    xAudacityx New Member

  6. xAudacityx

    xAudacityx New Member

    It doesn't take up that much, i played for 6 hours the other night on Halo 3 and it only used 100MB. The only problem you will have is if you use Netflix alot but i only use my tethering for gaming and with 4G i dont have 1 problem with lag, but my connection drops sometimes
  7. cheich

    cheich New Member

    Does anyone have a solution for this? Ive played NHL tethered with an iPhone. With Note II the NAT was screwed up.

    Help please.

    ps. I'm using a Mac so xAudacityxs link won't help me much :(
  8. gingerninja85

    gingerninja85 New Member

    I sorted mine out last night but on my playstation. Will post step by step later. Might help
  9. jodyrost

    jodyrost New Member

    Im using an LG Optimus G Pro from At&t, i can play xbl and can hear some people. I have a strict nat type and do run into issues constantly. And ideah how to fix? I use the free hotspot, no special apps and have no idea what 90% of this stuff is yall talk about. Please help me!?

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