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How to flash a lg vortex to cricketSupport

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  1. cherifurber

    cherifurber New Member

    I have a lg vortex i need help with to flash to cricket can anyone help step by step
    please need terribly

  2. mussio

    mussio Well-Known Member

    You first need a Cricket PRL file so it will search for sprint towers instead of Verizon towers. Second u need qpst to apply the PRL to the Vortex and then u need to add your esn to Cricket wireless which i myself cannot do but i can help with the first few steps let me know when u have the files together.

    Also same applies for metro pcs my bro has metro with working web on his vortex but vortex is not on approved metro flash list so u have to find another way to get your esn added but it is possible for sure.

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