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How to Flash an HTC EVO 4G

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  1. santarita10

    santarita10 New Member

    How to F*ash HTC EVO 4G?
    i need some help to f*ash my HTC SENSATION AKA HTC EVO 4G
    1. i need a guide to flash it through an MICRO SD CARD, since my charger port is broken i found that way that u can flash it, but i need a method/guide to do it im sorta n00b so yeah

    just a method on how to flash it through a SD CARD, like copy paste some files and boot it into its root or 'bootloader"

    2. Ok also i need to know if its possible that i can flash it with this software version

    Ok my info is this

    Build Number
    Software number
    5.07.651.1 710RD

    1. is there an sd card method?
    2. is my phone flashable or can it be rooted? or can i install a CUSTOM ROM after rooting it?

  2. yahhboy

    yahhboy Well-Known Member

    Sensation isn't an evo 4g, wrong forum

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