How To: Flash Custom Recovery and Rom

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    So made this for anyone looking to try it. Its simple if you know what your doing but I have found that some people find it difficult which is why I did this. There are two different ways to actually Flash the Rom to the Galaxy Gear. This is the way to do it without Rooting it first, Which I find easier.

    You will need to have ADB on your computer as well as a Custom Recovery flashed onto the Galaxy Gear. I have a How to on everything for anyone who needs it.

    Now there are a few things first! I have done this myself but found that North america Company's like T-Mobile don't allow Bluetooth tethering. (This allows you to surf the web and use the play store on the gear) In order to do this you will have to flash a custom rom to your phone if you don't happen to have this feature. If you don't live in america like I do then you most likely have this on your phone.

    First have ADB Installed on your Computer if you don't already.

    Android SDK for Windows:
    Unzip Tool:

    Now you need to Flash the Custom Recovery to the Galaxy Gear.

    TWRP Recover:


    WinRar :

    Samsung Drivers:

    How to Finally Flash the Custom Rom.

    adb push "your file location" /sdcard/

    Example: adb push C:\Users\Jonny\Desktop\ /sdcard/

    Custom Rom:

    Credit and Original Post:

    Recovery: [RECOVERY][TWRP] null_ 03 TWRP :: 28th NOV :: GEAR EDITION [BETA][VRTHEME] - xda-developers

    Custom Rom: [ROM] null_ 15 / 14TH DEC [ AROMA / ROOTED / DEODEXED ] - xda-developers
    Founder/ Credit:

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