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How to Flash / Debrand your DesireTips

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  1. SJamG

    SJamG Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone,

    I upgraded to an HTC Desire from an iPhone 3G, and was so disappointed when I switched on my Orange phone to find they had hacked around with the Firmware! Orange seemed to have installed :

    - Game Demos (Monopoly, Bowling etc)
    - Ringtones
    -Altered Internet application (defaults to Orange World homepage)
    - Altered Maps application
    - Custom installed IM client (allegedly in order to charge for IMs)
    - Not allowing GTalk!

    I was so annoyed by these alterations and so should HTC and Google be too. Anyway, Here is how I flashed a generic version of HTC Desire Software on my desire :


    What you need :

    - MicroSD card with SD Adapter

    Procedure :

    1. You need to setup ADB on your PC and download the Android SDK, guide here:

    How To: Set Up ADB/USB Drivers for Android Devices | The Unlockr

    2. Create a GoldCard here (remember to open the SD Card as a PHYSICAL DISK) :

    How To: Create a Goldcard | The Unlockr

    3. Download the Generic Software here :


    EDIT: Attention!!!
    The above software might be too old. Get the latest one from here: http://shipped-roms.com/index.php?category=android&model=Bravo

    4. Insert the Goldcard into the Desire and connect it to your PC. Run the software downloaded in step 3.

    5. This will flash your Desire with a generic HTC version of the OS.

    6. Enjoy!

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  2. alanswalker

    alanswalker Member

    Has anyone encountered a error 131 when trying to install the new ROM? can anyone help?


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  3. alanswalker

    alanswalker Member

    guys, been playing bout with it and its clearly a gold card problem!

  4. wesbar

    wesbar New Member

    How did you fix the 131 error?
  5. weirdNumber

    weirdNumber Well-Known Member

    I was having problems with some kind of error (I forget the code) which was fixed when I installed HTC sync.
  6. lekky

    lekky Lover VIP Member

  7. Caddy

    Caddy Member

    I tried to flash the standard rom to my phone yesterday and kept getting the dreaded error 131 - wrong customer ID message.

    I created 4 different goldcards on different size and manufacturer microSD cards, even went out and bought a 2 GB Kingston card like the unlocker guide recomended. Tried with HTC Sync on, with it off, with my fingers crossed, sacrificed my neighbours chickens....nothing, the same error message:confused:

    Hours later when I was about to give up, I realised that the only card I hadn't tried was the 4GB card that came installed on the phone from Orange.

    Formatted it, then tried to make it into a goldcard which worked no problem. Stuck it in the phone, ran the RUU and expected it to fail like all the others.


    No idea why this card worked and the others didn't. I used the same .img file on them all, using the same method and software. I definately think you need HTC Sync installed to get the correct HTC drivers (or source them somewhere else), but why some cards work and others don't?????

    Sorry for the long post, and try the card that came with your phone if you're an Orange customer.
  8. Vertigo1

    Vertigo1 Well-Known Member

    Really don't know whether to do this or not. On the one hand I'd quite like an un-branded ROM but, on the other, I don't find the Orange stuff at all intrusive really.

    How "risky" is this procedure? Is it possible to brick the device in any way?
  9. Caddy

    Caddy Member

    The orange stuff didn't bother me so much either mate, but I was a bit bored and when I couldn't make it work it pissed me off so I kept trying different things until it did.

    When each goldcard failed to work and I got the error message you have to exit out of the RUU. Each time my phone just restarted with the Orange ROM no problem. I'm sure it is possible to brick your phone but if you follow the instructions you minimise the risk. Just remember to back up your contacts, messages, whatever, if you use the microSD card in your phone.
  10. Vertigo1

    Vertigo1 Well-Known Member

    Cheers. TBH I think I'll just leave it for now as I don't think there's really any point. Of course when updates start appearing them, if Orange drag their heels releasing their branded version then maybe I'll look again at going to a generic ROM :)
  11. alanswalker

    alanswalker Member

    So the first few times i attempted this i was in a bit of a rush, had some time today and got it to work.

    Using the sd card that came with the phone 4gb sd, i formated properly using this application :

    SD Formatter 2.0 for SD/SDHC - SD Association

    note - on the card formater select the full and erase format, takes a while.

    Once the goldcard was made as per the instructions i put it in the phone where the phone told me the sd card was damaged but continue on and select htc sync option.

    With the phone connected to htc sync i ran the installer.

    this one i got from Modacco, Updating to 1.15.405.4 / Generic'ifying your T-Mo handset - Android @ MoDaCo

    seems to be a different version of the software and it went smoothly from here on out.

    Ps this was all done on windows 7 on a macbook via VM ware.
  12. KaarmaX

    KaarmaX New Member

    Can you get the latest updates from HTC if you do this?
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  13. dolbydan

    dolbydan Member

    After finding out you have to pay for the speed and traffic alerts on Orange maps, I flashed and now use Google maps, which is better but no speed camera alerts?!

    Must say great guide and if you follow it step by step its easy. The phone is better without the orange junk on it. I got mine from phones 4 U so if it does become faulty I reckon they won't notice.
  14. danielccoates

    danielccoates New Member

    after you did all this did you still have the sense ui???
  15. danielccoates

    danielccoates New Member

    does it still have the sense ui??
  16. CarsnGadgets

    CarsnGadgets Well-Known Member

    yes it would still have the sense ui, just no orange junk.
  17. lambada

    lambada Active Member

    If I debrand my T-Mobile UK Desire, will I get HTC official updates OTA as soon as they are released? Do HTC send these updates to all phones all over the world regardless of what network provider they're on?
  18. paul2802

    paul2802 Member

    Does anyone know if i was to flash the rom would i be able to reinstall the orange maps and i get free access to it with my panther plan?
  19. ScottW75

    ScottW75 Member

    My orange desire should arrive tomorrow. I'm going to use this tool to create a gold card:

    [PC Application] GoldCardTool - Android @ MoDaCo

    I've got a couple of questions:

    1. The phone will be locked to orange. Will i need to unlock the phone to create a gold card?

    2. Provided it all goes well i'll have an unbranded phone. I presume when i restart after unbranding i'll have to setup the network settings manually or will the phone pick them up from the sim?
  20. tomq

    tomq Well-Known Member

    1. network lock has nothing to do with goldcard or unbranding. you are just removing the orange crap by unbranding. your phone will still be locked to the orange network.

    3.for me it set it self up. just had to do the normal stuff wifi, google account, facebook ect
  21. ScottW75

    ScottW75 Member

    Ok cool. Looking forward to getting it.

    Thanks for your help
  22. waspypc

    waspypc New Member


    Can anyone tell me what I will loose doing this? Will it effect my contacts etc? Thanks:(
  23. stueyboy

    stueyboy Well-Known Member

    You will lose everything on the phone so make sure you either back up what you don't want to lose or have a way of getting them back on the phone. Thank the lord for google contacts and exchange server is all I can say..

    I also flashed an orange branded phone with no problems at all. Just be careful and follow the gold card instructions very carefully.
  24. waspypc

    waspypc New Member

    Thanks Stueyboy,
    Does anyone know a link for the Orange branded software just in case I need to reload it to send the phone back for repair. I would imagine that debranding invalidates the warranty otherwise?
  25. slatyford

    slatyford Well-Known Member

    when I bring up the command prompt it opens with:

    C:\documents and setting\user\

    and when I put the commands it it comes up with system canot find path specified

    any ideas how to solve this so I can sort out a goldcard
    Also in device manager the phone doesnt show up only Android device and when I click on that it just say My HTC
    any ideas

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