[How-To] Flash Euro ROM on Samsung Galaxy Tab (w/ video)

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  1. vamp6x6x6x

    vamp6x6x6x Well-Known Member

    Note: I did not invent this methed it was on xda forums; I just thought this root section was looking a bit bare so...

    Thanks to RotoHammer & everyone else who participated in getting this to work. Here is my video. I hope it helps.


    Okay guys here is the much asked video about how to flash the euro firmware on your tab. This is only for ATT & T-Mobile. PLEASE DONT DO THIS ON THE VERIZON OR SPRINT BECAUSE I DONT KNOW WHAT THE OUTCOME WILL BE. Please watch this video because the written portion will just be brief; I tried to make this as simple as possible. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE IF YOUR TAB BREAKS: USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

    1) Download all the files you need from here:

    Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!

    2) Turn off the Tab

    3) Put the tab in download mode by holding the power button + volume down rocker simultaneously

    4) Connect the tab to your WINDOWS

    5) Install the drivers; they are provided in the folder. If your on windows 7 the drivers will install themselves.

    6) Launch the odin.exe (if you get an error about some missing .dll file then you need to install the Microsoft .Net framework from here:


    7) Make sure there the yellow box says Com:#. the # will be different for everyone. As long as its yellow you are good!

    8) Select the pit file from the folder provided

    9) Select PDA and the file from the FIRST folder

    10) Make sure re-partition is selected as well as the other two options

    11) Flash your device; this will take about 3 minutes and you will get a green PASS

    12) If your tab didnt reboot then manually reboot it

    13) Your tab should be stuck at a blackscreen at this point, THIS IS NORMAL!

    14) Go back into download mode (power button + down volume rocker)

    15) Close Odin and open it back up

    16) Make sure the yellow box is highlighted again and your tab is connected

    17) Flash the file from the SECOND folder; using PDA option


    19) The flashing will take about 3 minutes

    20) The system SHOULD reboot, if not, just hold the power button for 10 seconds

    21) The tab will start up and you should be at the setup screen


    1) DONT PANIC!

    2) Turn off the tab by pressing the power button for 10 seconds

    3) Go into recovery mode (power button + UP volume rocker)

    4) Let it boot

    5) Select Wipe/Data Factory Reset

    6) Press home button to select and keep hitting it till it wipes

    7) Reboot and Enjoy!

    Thanks to RotoHammer from XDA for his prerooted firmware

    NOTE: The newest firmware is JMC and you can get it from www.samfirmeware.com

  2. heythorp

    heythorp New Member

    I will give you some props for taking the time to do this.

    I ended up using the files posted at XDA and I am up and working. After spending 5 straight days reading and trying to figure this out, your video gave me the confidence to walk through the steps I already knew.


    Clubtech really gets the thanks though.
  3. docp

    docp Active Member

    if anyone with verizon has success with this, let me know

    i'm considering do this in hopes to use the bluetooth keyboard function that isn't available for us verizon users
  4. Dodgyfeas

    Dodgyfeas New Member

    I have accidentally flashed my Tab with the I9000 image file. It will not turn on now, just the LED light comes on.

    Does anyone know how I can restore this?


  5. naimbic

    naimbic New Member

    Thank you guys for the great job, ny Galaxy is NTT Docomo a Japanese one, all the ateps being well till the start that i got com.google.process.gapps stoped working, so my mobile stuck there... Any help please...
  6. goergii

    goergii New Member

    could you help me to find any working links for downloading this 043NG4FKCJ file.

    thanks in advance.

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