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How to... Flash rom's?

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  1. sweetb2006

    sweetb2006 Well-Known Member

  2. iowabowtech

    iowabowtech root@android:/ #

    Well hey there. :D

    Ok, so when I flash a new rom using Clockwork (Amon RA is another custom recovery you might like), the first thing I do is check the dev's advice on what to do. Sometimes, if I'm already on a rom and there's an update to it, they may suggest only a cache/dalvik wipe. Other times they may recommend and entire wipe. If I'm ever in doubt, I do a full wipe. If I'm loading a new rom for the first time, it's for SURE a full wipe.

    Ok so with that said, I download the rom from whatever link the dev provides. I then use an MD5 checker on my PC to verify the MD5 of the rom if the dev provided one. Most of the better devs do this. The MD5 ensures you have the full file and the file is fully intact and has zero variance from the time it was uploaded.

    Once that light is green, I then move the file to the SD card. Then turn off the phone. Then hold volume down + power to goto the bootloader. Use volume keys to highlight recovery, then press power button to enter your custom recovery. I'm going to list the next steps assuming CWM since that's what I assume you still have (CWM is a function of running the Unrevoked tool).

    So in CWM:

    At backup/restore menu, do a backup. Use the default name it provides. This is a nandroid backup and is an exact snapshot of everything on your phone right now (minus radio and hboot version). It can be very useful if the SHTF and you need to revert to a working setup. If that ever happens, goto recovery, same menu and choose the restore option. After the backup, you'll reboot. Then find your way back to CWM for the actual rom flashing part.

    Now in CWM:

    -wipe data (factory reset)
    -wipe cache partition
    -goto advanced menu, wipe dalvik cache
    -install zip from SD card
    -find zip on SD card (or similar verbage)

    At that point you can browse your SD card and find the rom that you placed there. Select and load it. If you are flashing CM7 or any other AOSP rom, you would then flash Gapps immediately after loading the rom. So don't wipe again of course but redo the install from sd, find zip and install just like before. If it's not an AOSP rom, there are no Gapps necessary (already included in rom) and you're done after the rom install. Reboot and enjoy the new rom.

    Important note:
    In the bootloader as you know, you use the volume keys to scroll and the power button to select a menu item. In CWM however, pressing the power button brings you backwards one menu and the TRACKPAD button is used to make menu selection. This has vexed many a first time rom flasher. ;)

    Other Considerations:
    When you flash a rom and do a full wipe, all your apps and data will be gone. It will be like having a new, fresh phone. You'll have to go through the Google account setup, reset your ringtone, notification, and all that jazz. The first time it can be a bit of a pain but the more you do it, the faster you will get and pretty soon, it's not that big of a deal. Also, I'm not sure if there is an option in Gingerbread to back up settings to Google servers. May want to select this option now so that your apps will come back once you login to your Google stuff. That said, I've found that to be somewhat unreliable and I've always been a fan of Titanium Backup. It will backup your apps and settings, store them on the SD card and any time you flash a rom, you can get them all back without question. For more info on Titanium, if interested, check out THIS thread.

    If you have any questions, just ask. All of us here have done this a gazillion times and most of us do things in nearly identical fashion from hanging out together for so long. :D
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  3. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    thats pretty much the exact same procedure that i use. with exception that i do prefer amon recovery. since iowa has outlined it with clockwork,may want to stick with that the first few times until you get comfortable with it.

    im also a big fan of titanuium backup. go ahead and purchase the pro key,its well worth the $$ since it lets you do batch backup and restores. makes setting up a new rom a breeze :cool:
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  4. sweetb2006

    sweetb2006 Well-Known Member

    Here goes all my silly little, possibly Duh questions
    ... :D :eek: Sorry but I'd rather ask the dumb questions in order to possibly prevent messing up, than to play guessing games & than have to ask even more questions, whilst my phone is possibly rendered useless. As I said before, at the moment, this is my Only phone sooo...

    I have clockwork saved on my computer, is it on my phone, not that I am aware of, I presume it was wiped when I did the ruu or s-off, but perhaps it is there somewhere & I am just clueless. :eek:
    So, question is though, do I do these things with clockwork From my computer or from phone... Heck, I'm not even sure what part of CWM to "open" to begin using it. I so feel the need for a "blonde look" smiley. :D
  5. sweetb2006

    sweetb2006 Well-Known Member

    So, I don't mind "too much" re-doing all my google downloads... I have backed up contacts, bookmarks, folders for apps personal details, etc... & I don't have the extra few dollars for a while, to purchase the titanium pro key. So, is there any other benefit to the non-pro??? Otherwise I can just re-re-re-(as i have a few times already) download google apps.
  6. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    lol,when you ran unrevoked 3.32 and got s-off,it should have re-installed clockwork. you can download rom manager from the market,and use it to flash clockwork(i know we said dont use rom manager,but its ok for this ;)) that way, you should have the newest version of clockwork on your phone.

    next you can select "boot to recovery for manual management" in rom manger,and it should take you to clockwork recovery.

    you can also get to recovery as iowa described above,thru hboot.

    sure,if your apps do not have data that you wish to save,you can let them re-download. you can also use the free titanium to backup and restore,youll just have to backup and restore each thing,one at a time :eek: if youre going to flash roms alot,the batch makes it a ton easier/faster. definatley spring for it when you are able.

    another option to titanium is "my backup" wich also has a pro key. i see lots of folks saying good tings about it,but have never used it personally. the prokey is a little cheaper,at $4.99

    the important thing is,like you said,back up your contacts and as much info as you can to google. :)
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  7. sweetb2006

    sweetb2006 Well-Known Member

    Presuming I have the latest clockwork... (avoiding doing one more step - lol).

    My main question, at this point I think is, Where do I "start up/flash" clockwork??? On the phone(if so, how).. Or on the computer(if so how)... Forgive me for I'm sure it's possible that these are things that have already been explained in the past of what has gotten me to this point. However, with all the stress that caused me, it Somewhat "wiped" my own memory. lol
  8. sdrawkcab25

    sdrawkcab25 Well-Known Member

    From here on out, everything is done on the phone. Unless you are downloading ROMs to your PC then transferring to your phone(SD card). "Clockwork" is the brand name of the recovery on your phone. So when in the rom manager app on your phone, you select the option to reboot into recovery, it takes you into clockwork(recovery).
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  9. iowabowtech

    iowabowtech root@android:/ #

    Yep. Remember when you ran unrevoked 3.32 in order to get root and s-off? And you were hooked into the PC at the time. It automagically replaced the stock recovery on your phone with clockwork mod recovery. That action, plus being rooted and s-off will now allow you to flash roms.
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  10. sweetb2006

    sweetb2006 Well-Known Member

    Thanks So much! Now I see the light! :D
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  11. MonsterMike

    MonsterMike Active Member

    how do i use md5 checker?
  12. sweetb2006

    sweetb2006 Well-Known Member


    Not sure why he hasn't replied to you *shame shame* tech ;) & hopefully by now you've figured it out.

    However... For future reference.

    Google "md5 checker", or you could search the threads for a "preferred" one, pick one :) , download one. It should come with it's own set of instructions & should be pretty simple.
  13. iowabowtech

    iowabowtech root@android:/ #

    Oops yep I missed that one. For the PC, I use bullzip md5 verification program. Google that, its freeware. For the phone, I use Android File Verifier by Scary Alien. It can be found in the Play Store. Sorry about the late reply, I don't get in here as often as I once did.

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