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  1. BH_MAN

    BH_MAN Well-Known Member

    Originally Posted by Mastermind278 [​IMG]
    Okay let me help you step by step! :)

    1. Open up Odin Multi Download
    2. Under Select OPS, choose Behold2_partition.ops
    3. Click PDA, choose the PDA File you are Trying to Flash Rather it Be BH_MAN Rom / or Stock
    4. Power Off Phone
    5. Make sure you have it connected via USB
    6. Hold and Press Volume Down, OK, Power (the red end button)
    7. Phone will say Download Mode
    8. Click Start on Odin Multi Downloader.
    9. Wait a couple of minutes
    10. Stock Touchwiz phone working again!

    The ODIN Files and orignal Android 1.5 firmware can be downloaded from the following link:

    Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7
    - Samsung Behold 2 USB Drivers for ODIN & ADB.

    For a List Of Rom's, Please Visit this thread..

    For ADB Sutup & Help, Please Visit this thread

  2. SteveSlimer

    SteveSlimer Well-Known Member

    Thanks. I appreciate you posting this.

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  3. bjs2000008

    bjs2000008 Well-Known Member

    i all ready did an ODIN for R8 but i can not do anymore ODIN's sine i have did that. I'm getting a connection some time and even detected but why does it say unknown driver some time? and when i am detected by ODIN it just say set up connection what am i doing wrong?
  4. nomadrider123

    nomadrider123 Well-Known Member

    My phone froze while i was putting on a rom. I odin it it reset but hung up at the android screen. I have used several roms with no problems at all now when I go into download odin cant find my phone it keeps saying plug in your phone. I have pulled the battery several times also pulled my sd card and sims card. I am running windows 7 and xp on another computer. I have also tried different usb ports. When I plug in my phone it charges but thats it. Is there something else to try that I have forgot about?

    well after about 75 times of pulling the battery odin finaly found it so I am back up and running
  5. nomadrider123

    nomadrider123 Well-Known Member

    well My phone works but odin still cant find it. I dont feel like pulling my battery another 50 - 75 times.
  6. chadmd23

    chadmd23 Well-Known Member

    Did you put it in download mode? I forgot once, and it was very frustrating.
  7. SteveSlimer

    SteveSlimer Well-Known Member

    The drivers are a must as well.
  8. nomadrider123

    nomadrider123 Well-Known Member

    oh ya i have put on about 5 roms with no problems at all just the last time it hung now odin doesnt see it unless i try about 50 times

    drivers are still there xp doesnt recognize it either must be a hardware issue on my phone now.
  9. riayn7

    riayn7 Member

    Everything is flashing fine, til it gets to system. The green bar gets to 50% and the time just keeps ticking 20+mins...

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  10. rudoFF

    rudoFF Well-Known Member

    which rom are you trying to flash? are you doing a kernel/ phone/ bootloader?
  11. riayn7

    riayn7 Member

    Warheads PDA. It looked like boot and kernel flashed fine..
  12. rudoFF

    rudoFF Well-Known Member

    I'm pretty sure when you flash warheads, it will replace whatever kernel you have on there...

    so you flashed the phone...and boot already? and now you're trying to do the pda and it gets stuck? what does it say/ what is it doing on the phone?
  13. riayn7

    riayn7 Member

    Time just keeps on ticking in odin... how long is it supposed to take? I've retried but it never finishes...
  14. rudoFF

    rudoFF Well-Known Member

    did the phone ever reboot or anything? if it is just stuck in the flashing process...then try pulling the battery...put it back in download mode and try again.
  15. riayn7

    riayn7 Member

    It never rebooted, now I'm stuck in Odin on "setup connection"... I've tried 2 different computers :(
  16. riayn7

    riayn7 Member

    phone wont boot, stays on samsung screen...

    and odin is stuck at "setup connection"

    did i break my phone?
  17. rudoFF

    rudoFF Well-Known Member

    did you battery pull and start all over...or are you keeping the phone where it's stuck and moving from computer to computer?
  18. riayn7

    riayn7 Member

    yes, I've pulled the battery numerous times and get the same results..
  19. rudoFF

    rudoFF Well-Known Member

    try flashing a different rom. like dots, or a galaxy rom. see if that does anything. if it does the same thing...try to flash the stock 1.5 factory rom package (boot/pda/phone all in one file instead of all 3 separately, if you can't find it I'll link you).
  20. Jesus = me!

    Jesus = me! Well-Known Member

    make sure when you plug your phone in if you have windows xp to download and install every installation it tells you to install and download even if you think you have evrything . cause i was doing that then i was like hey what if i install eerything when it pops up or shows things i thought i installed . so i did that and it was other additonal sofware drivers for my behold 2 that i needed and as soon as that downloaded i reconected my phone and then it recognized it and bam it came up and press start and flashed . took about 6mins.

    preety easy sorta .
    i had to struggle a bit though it really is easy doe.

    supose to have samsung mdem and something else
    its like 2 or 3 different stuff u need to get i thnk modem and sometihng else then it will recognze it
  21. willymike69

    willymike69 New Member

    I can not get the drivers to load. It just keeps coming up saying that the driver did not install correctly.
    I am running windows 7 64.
    Can someone please help?
  22. BH_MAN

    BH_MAN Well-Known Member

    you will have to manually install the drivers from Device Manager
  23. willymike69

    willymike69 New Member

    Thanks! I got the driver to load, but ODIN installer will still not see my phone.
    I hate to keep bothering you, but is there anything I need to do before I follow these procedures?
    Stock Behold II - Nothing done to it.

    WIWI-HEAD New Member

    I've asked this question in another thread, but haven't gotten an answer.

    I followed the above instructions to use BH_MAN 1.6(noTouchWiz) on my phone.
    It appears that I have got it working since the phone shows that its in 1.6 now.

    My concern is the BOOTLOADER and PHONE. I didn't flash those because the instructions didn't say to, but I've seen messages saying:

    "ONLY FLASH BOOT / PHONE Once.... Once Flashed You Only Have to Flash the PDA File if doing a Restore, Never flash the Phone & Boot file more than Once!!!!!!"

    I came from a stock 1.5 factory phone.

    So should I flash OPS and PDA again, along with BOOT and PHONE?

    I don't want to run into problems regarding this issue in the future, so if someone could answer I would greatly appreciate it. A clear brief explanation on the purpose of each would be even more helpful so I could help newcomers like me on the forum.

  25. blackerwater

    blackerwater Well-Known Member

    hey Bhman im on Gnome just got it set up. cant use odin but i got adb set up and the sdk . i need to unOdin your files to push them right?

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