How to force LG Esteem to use external SD card for apps/data??Support

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  1. ktchong

    ktchong Well-Known Member

    When I look at Settings -> SD card & phone storage:

    SD card has the total space of 14.83GB, available space of 14.83GB. (That means the phone has not used the external SD card at all.)

    Internal memory has the total space of 4.00GB, and the available space of 1.78GB.

    Internal storage has the available space of 1.10GB.

    When I look at Settings -> Applications -> Manage applications:

    On "SD card", i.e., the internal SD card, it has 2.2GB used and 1.8GB free. (That means the phone has been using the 4GB internal SD card instead of the 16GB external SD card for apps and data.)

    Seems like LG Esteem just does not use the external SD card at all.

    A lot of other owners have also had the same problem, but no one has gotten a real solution to the problem yet:

    I want to move apps to external SD card. I've already tried formatting, reformatting, inserting, removing, re-inserting, mounting, unmounting, remounting -- all of them seem to have affected only the internal SD card. LG Esteem simply does not want to touch the external SD card. Why doesn't the phone use external SD card?

  2. Fuzzy13

    Fuzzy13 Well-Known Member

    It doesnt use the external because it has the internal sd card as well as internal storage that it uses. DONT even try to change where the phone saves too.

    If you want to put shit on your external, I suggest copy the paste what you want. Can be done through any file explorer on your phone and takes very little time.

    The only thing that I use my external for is to save my current ROMS, kernels and themes with backups. I also keep Nandroid backups on the external as well as internal. I backup all my apps through ROM toolbox to the external. Themes, wallpapers, ringtones.....etc. all go to the external.

    no the Esteem doesn't use the external BUT you can set MOST apps to save to the external.
  3. ktchong

    ktchong Well-Known Member

    Why not? Is it going to cause a problem if I change the external SD storage location?

    Because 4GB for apps are really not enough. I've already used up half of the internal SD storage space. I will very likely use all of the 4GB in the next couple months. I've just read that I can use Titanium Backup Pro to change the external folder from /mnt/sdcard to /mnt/sdcard/_ExternalSD, and I'm about to do just that. Other users have done that, and they haven't reported any problem with doing that.
  4. Fuzzy13

    Fuzzy13 Well-Known Member

  5. SafetyJay

    SafetyJay New Member

    I cannot acces music files on my sd card so I put everything on my phone, killed my storage. How can I access an sd card or transfer photos or what ever. This makes no sense.
  6. Warpig1998

    Warpig1998 New Member

    If I want to save backups I save all my backups to my external 2TB harddrive. My phone should just be for well phone stuff and entertainment. backing up my apps to my sd card is ******ed cause your limited to what the phone has. My phone has a 32 gig sd card so in a sense Its a waste to have a phone with only 16 gigs of mem if I'm only to use it to back up my crapola. What happened to having some common sense when doing stuff.
  7. Warpig1998

    Warpig1998 New Member

    lol the other word for a mentally challenged person was edited out like a cuss word and crapola wasn't... lol

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