[How-To] Force the Official Android 2.2 Froyo Update for the Motrola Droid (FRG01B | Update 1 of 2)

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  1. PtDarwin

    PtDarwin Member

    Thanks for all the tips I had it up and running within 10 - 20 minutes. Lost my music but used mixzing to find it again and had to reset about 8 ringtones. This was after a 2nd reboot and now my phones bettter than ever.

    Thanx again everybody

  2. rlaurin1

    rlaurin1 Member

    I have some doubts this is the offical Motorola release for the following reasons:

    -The docking app isn't the Motorola docking app but the standard deck clock app that the Nexus One uses.

    -No pay apps show up in the Marketplace even though Nexus One has already released 2.2. The market seems to think this is not an offical release

    -Flash wasn't provide with the update itself.

    How confident are you that this really is what is going to be going out over the air?
  3. ovenman

    ovenman Active Member

    This sucks :(
  4. johnlgalt

    johnlgalt Antidisestablishmentarian VIP Member

    hmm, weird. I know others have had issues with apps not showing in market since FroYo has been out, and in fact, Titanium Backup has a function to restore missing connections like that, but it may in fact be just a server thing.

    I hate to tell you to do this, but try waiting until tomorrow - or else try a battery pull tonight and see if it helps.
  5. EphraimShay

    EphraimShay New Member

    [Sorry, moved to more appropriate bug thread]
  6. JenHeide

    JenHeide New Member

    I dl and dl and dl like 22 times....it's not working!! :confused:
  7. this is suppose to work with sprecovery but i keep getting
    E: cant open /sdcard/update.zip
    (no such file or directory)
    installation aborted
  8. Rammknot

    Rammknot Active Member

    To fix the apps not showing in the market download tab all I had to to get them to show was turn off my phone and pull the battery/sdcard (have a couple apk apps) and the list filled up.

    Flash wasn't provided with the OTA update either, I have a friend who was lucky enough to get it and he had to get the apk to use flash as well.
  9. droidberg

    droidberg Well-Known Member

    Thanks so much, been waiting on this for what feels like forever.

    Download and install worked flawlessly. Definitely feels like a pretty nice upgrade from 2.1.
  10. johnlgalt

    johnlgalt Antidisestablishmentarian VIP Member

    I, myself, am very confident - b/c I myself got the update notifcation, and I myself provided one of the mirrors - and all of the file checksums (hashes) matched the one I got OTA.

    This is the update notification that I keep getting on my phone (I am already running Pete's BB so I keep hitting later)

    FroYo OTA Update 0.jpg

    This is the info panel under Settings --> About Phone --> System Update

    FroYo OTA Update 1.jpg

    These are the hashes for one of the update.zip files located in the first post:

    update.zip File Hash.JPG

    These are the hashes for the file as it exists in my phone's cache folder

    Original file.zip File Hash.JPG

    Any questions?
  11. this is suppose to work with sprecovery but i keep getting
    E: cant open /sdcard/update.zip
    (no such file or directory)
    installation aborted

    any tips
  12. skyscraper38

    skyscraper38 Active Member

    I still havent gotten 2.2 to work. I still have sprecovery with no root and cant get it to upload. and was told that i cant get the OTA as well because of sprecovery
  13. i have the same problem
  14. johnlgalt

    johnlgalt Antidisestablishmentarian VIP Member

    Which method are you using?

    Umm, I may have miss-spoken - You can get the OTA even with SPRecovery installed - Let's review your situation and see what is going on....
  15. rlaurin1

    rlaurin1 Member

    Pulling the battery/sdcard didn't work for me. I still only see free apps that I have download and can not find any protected apps in the marketplace.

    Is it possible to see if your friend's desk app is the Stock 2.2 clock or if it is the Motorola desk app? If he doesn't have an actual dock, I think the only docking app on the market that currently works with 2.2 is DeskHome.
  16. download on pc
    rename file to update.zip
    move to root through usb
    try to install and blocked
  17. Rammknot

    Rammknot Active Member

    ill have to ask him when I can get a hold of him again, he has the actual dock, ill see if i can get him to screenshot it while docked for me.
  18. johnlgalt

    johnlgalt Antidisestablishmentarian VIP Member

    rlaurin1 - how long did you leave the battery out?

    Also, did you sign in with the same google account as before? Protected apps (as you know) are tied to the account...

    Also, the desk app is in fact the stock 2.2 clock app.
  19. navybear33

    navybear33 New Member

    Followed the instructions and worked like a charm. Running 2.2 now and loving it. Thanks for the information beats waiting for Verizon.
  20. Rammknot

    Rammknot Active Member

    when you first download the file is it just called "update"? if so then don't rename it to update.zip just leave it alone because it is technically update.zip but you have windows set to hide extensions.
  21. johnlgalt

    johnlgalt Antidisestablishmentarian VIP Member

    If you're renaming, where did you downlaod the file from? All of these are already update.zip except one from Google's servers, and that was closed down earlier according to Engadget....

    You're talking the regular Multimedia dock? I have it right here and can get screenshtos *now* if you'd like
  22. Grey1001

    Grey1001 Well-Known Member

    do not rename the file, its already .zip
  23. ok now it says assert failed apply patch check MTD boot with a bunch of numbers and
  24. johnlgalt

    johnlgalt Antidisestablishmentarian VIP Member

    delete the file off your device (computer / phone)
    re-download it from scratch
    now try.
  25. bleedGreen

    bleedGreen Well-Known Member

    I dont see a big change in OS but thasnk you it was really simple.

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