How to free up memory on your phone!!!

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  1. SecretAsianMan

    SecretAsianMan Well-Known Member

    ok so im not sure if this is a repost or if everyone already knows this but this is a very awesome tip. when i hard reset the phone and went to the market, i clicked "my downloads" and my apps that i had b4 were all listed and they said "free", (which meant i had to redownload). so it keeps your history according to your intial google sign in on the phone. ive hard reset bout 3 times just so i lower my market "MB". im at 3mb on my market and 50mb free of memory. i also have 67 apps installed. i highly recommend to hard reset your phone every now and then. it gives you so much more memory when you go and reinstall all your previous apps from "my downloads" section of the market. plus your contacts all sync to your gmail so you dont even have to worry bout losing any contacts. trust me, it really makes a difference in performance after the phone frees up that much memory. b4 i first did it i had like 27mb in my market and like 45 apps with 10mb of free mem on my phone. man did that suck. every time you go in the market or even when you uninstall an app it will still be eating your memory. try it out and leave some feed back. its really harmless. the only thing is that you will have to set your settings on some apps to how it was pre hard reset. for example, missed call, scoreboard, weather channel, and more. but its really worth it.

  2. punkzanyj

    punkzanyj Well-Known Member

    until there's an app that truly does a full backup of settings, no thanks. I don't want to have to assign ringtones all over again.
  3. perpaceco

    perpaceco New Member

    Is there really no other way of clearing the Market cache?
  4. ChilledMatt

    ChilledMatt Well-Known Member

    I believe that if you try to install an item that exceeds the available memory, the cache clears automatically.
  5. gsr717

    gsr717 Active Member

    i believe thats true... also i was on low memory (6-7mb) and was browsing the web when all of a sudden a notification popped up and told me i had low disk space. i clicked on it and it took me to manage app. after that i checked my memory and it was at 45mb..
  6. SecretAsianMan

    SecretAsianMan Well-Known Member

    not to be rude, but do you have resources or experience with this? when my mem was low it gave me a notice but never lowered my market mem. i feel alot more comfortable hard resetting and reinstalling. it only takes bout 30min total. but the outcome is well worth it.
  7. ChilledMatt

    ChilledMatt Well-Known Member

    The market cache cleared for me automatically.
  8. Shoo

    Shoo Member

    someone needs to show how the market auto clear.
    Mine is still huge and won't clear.
  9. ChilledMatt

    ChilledMatt Well-Known Member

    When you get the low memory warning if you continue to browse or download an app the market cache will clear automatically. I have done this several times now.
  10. gsr717

    gsr717 Active Member

    ok i just tested it on 2 phones just to be sure.. i downloaded apps to drop the memory to 6mb. then i opened up browser and a notification popped up. you must click that notification and it will take you to manage app. wait for it to finish and it will automatically clear your memory. try looking for bigger apps as this will be faster to use up memory.
  11. justjimjpc

    justjimjpc Premium Member VIP Member

    At some point the "Low on Space" will not clear until you have removed/uninstall enough apps to reach the memory tresh-hold for trggering the alert ....
  12. ChilledMatt

    ChilledMatt Well-Known Member

    Yes, it would not work if the Market cache wasn't large enough to clear the alert.
  13. gsr717

    gsr717 Active Member

    makes sense... didnt think of that.. you would have to have a shit load of apps and stuff to get to that point.
  14. MarvinAndroid

    MarvinAndroid Well-Known Member

    I noticed that after the R33 update my Market Place cache is taking up WAY less space. It had gotten up to 15MB and now down to 2 or 3. And I didn't do anything besides install the update and check my app history.
  15. lkosova

    lkosova Well-Known Member

    I have also noticed that after rc 33 that I now have more space. I thought that maybe this was not true. I went from like 8 to 14. Not a huge difference but at least a positive one. Maybe it just defraggs when doing the update???

  16. spasg1

    spasg1 Member

    also, turning off your phone and taking out the battery for 2 or 3 minutes clears it out.. market was eating up 32mb of my memory until i did that.
  17. strabes

    strabes Guest

    About a month ago my phone was so slow that I couldn't take it anymore. Long story short, I hard reset it and the performance improvement was night and day. Performance has increased again after installing the UK version of 1.5.
  18. ggrant3876

    ggrant3876 Well-Known Member

    If you use My Backup Pro you don't have to reassign the ringtones. I do a hard reset every 3 weeks and when I restore all of the ringtones I have assigned are still there.
  19. CptGemini

    CptGemini Well-Known Member

    To clear out your market cache go to

    System settings > Applications > Manage Applications

    Then search for Market, choose market then hit clear cache and voila :D

    Same goes for clearing your browsers cache.

    I have only had my G1 since this past tuesday and I only discovered that yesterday.
  20. ChilledMatt

    ChilledMatt Well-Known Member

    This is an old thread. The ability to clear the market cache manually was added with the 1.5 update. As for the browser cache, this can also be cleared from browser settings.
  21. CptGemini

    CptGemini Well-Known Member

    Ah I didnt even notice the dates but then again I've not been feeling too great all week.
  22. Mike D

    Mike D New Member

    Do you or anyone else know where data is stored for apps, messaging, etc.? I have to to a factory reset on my phone because it doesn't work well as a phone (apps and other stuff function, but the phone goes west a few times a day) I want to back up the data before I reset it in case the data goes away too
  23. justjimjpc

    justjimjpc Premium Member VIP Member

    If you are not rooted ... get MyBackup Pro ;

    If rooted use Nandroid in the recovery flasher utility
  24. allandroid

    allandroid New Member

    Are there any good apps that will clear all unnecessary files on the phone?
  25. cmisak

    cmisak New Member

    I just got my MyTouch only have prolly 15apps installed nothing like the guy in this post saying it flys with 64 installed... I can NOT use less than 70mb of storage no matter what i uninstall ect...

    I need to figure out how to cache to my SD or use it as more ROM ect but until someone smarter than i finds it i'll just have to live... I'm sorta regreting leaving my 8100 Blackberry... But if you found a good program for speeding up your Phone let me know please.

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