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how to gain more space?

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  1. n7of9

    n7of9 Active Member

    i don't have what i would consider a large amount of apps installed, but i got a 'running out of space' message and when i clicked on it it redirected me to my app manager...i removed Google Earth (20MB), but everything else is relatively small

    what can i clear off the phone memory to make more space? are cached copies of webpages and the like stored? how do i find out what is taking up space?

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  2. kilroy

    kilroy Well-Known Member

    Go into settings, then applications / manage applications. A list of all installed programs including their size will be displayed. If you have just uninstalled Google Earth that should free up enough space on its own. Trying restarting the phone and you shouldn't get the same 'out of space' message. Once Froyo (2.2) arrives, hopefully this quarter, it should eliminate your issues as you will have the option of moving apps to the SD card. Alternatively, you could root and install one of the stable ROM's of Froyo getting around and solve your problems.
  3. n7of9

    n7of9 Active Member

    ok, thanks

    ...so really, there is no official option? the phones currently allow for around 10-15 apps to be installed, and that's it?
  4. kilroy

    kilroy Well-Known Member

    You should be able to fit more than that on there. I think there is about 147mb on the internal memory to play with. Most apps would be lucky to be 2mb.
  5. n7of9

    n7of9 Active Member

    thanks, that's what i thought also

    so back to my initial question, other than deleting apps, how else can we clear the phone memory of useless stuff?

    i do have Astro File installed but most of the folders on the root drive were empty...i just don't understand what's taking up all the space, or how to look at it as when i attach it to a PC with usb cable, i am only allowed access to the SD card

    i'm assuming i'm doing something wrong???
  6. kilroy

    kilroy Well-Known Member

    Maybe not, for such a great phone they really did drop the ball when they decided to only allow storage to the internal memory, and then proceed to only give us such a small amount to make use of. Luckily that has been addressed with FroYo. Try clearing your internet cache and see if that helps. Not sure what else could be taking up so much space...
  7. n7of9

    n7of9 Active Member

    do you know if it's possible to see the size/free space in the phone?
  8. Shofar

    Shofar Well-Known Member

    Go to:
    Menu - settings - SD & phone storage

    Tells you right away what you have free.
  9. n7of9

    n7of9 Active Member

    thanks Shofar...i currently show 38MB free (after uninstalling 20MB google earth)...is that normal?
  10. kilroy

    kilroy Well-Known Member

    There are widgets you can install. Just search 'storage' or 'memory' widgets and there are plenty of free ones. You can also look in the settings / sd card & phone storage menu and it will tell you your available internal and SD storage.
  11. kilroy

    kilroy Well-Known Member

    Sounds about right. Probably warns you when you have <20mb of space.
  12. Steve_S_T

    Steve_S_T Well-Known Member

    Some apps seem to cache loads of data, the browser being a prime culprit. If you go into settings/ applications/ manage applications you can delete this. Just click on each programme and then "clear cache" (don't clear data though). If you do this fairly frequently you'll soon get a feel for which apps need regular management.
  13. pspbricker

    pspbricker Well-Known Member

    I love my Desire, but this storage problem is enough to drive me away from Android. I will wait for Froyo, but correct me if i'm wrong, I understand that only some apps will have the choice of installing to the card - older apps still won't be able to be installed to the card unless updated.... Please tell me i'm wrong.
    I currently have Navigon, Radiotime, and task killer installed - everything else is below 1MB - and I have 13MB Contacts storage - I am getting low space warnings.
    I cannot install any new programs, nor can I even update maps.
    This problem has been going on since Android started, and it's not good enough addressing the problem in Froyo, this should have been made an OS update priority separate from Froyo.
    I wait with baited breath for the update.
  14. kilroy

    kilroy Well-Known Member

    Some things like widgets need to stay on the internal memory to work properly. The apps that are placed on the SD card still have a small part installed in the internal memory. I think there are two methods of App2SD, one is the ADB command that tells the phone what to do with future installations, as well as a built in App2SD that is part of FroYo. Not sure what the difference is, but with my FroYo build I can move all of my apps.
  15. Steve_S_T

    Steve_S_T Well-Known Member

    Hey pspbricker, have you tried clearing your cache as per my post above yours?

    Speaking as somebody who just switched to the Desire from a BlackBerry Bold 9000 I don't have a problem with the internal memory. I have lots of apps loaded, enough to have filled the Bold, and still have only used half of the memory. Sure it will be great when some of them can be moved to the SD card but until then I'm happy that what we have is plenty of memory that just needs a bit of occasional management.
  16. n7of9

    n7of9 Active Member

    cool, thanks :)
  17. Steve_S_T

    Steve_S_T Well-Known Member

    Edited due to double post
  18. snowmobile

    snowmobile Well-Known Member

    Gaining more space is almost a full time job for me as I love my apps :eek:

    I currently have around 125 installed and I'm constantly on AppBrain discovering new ones :D

    I've found that the cut off point for the low space warning is 14mb (presumably 10% of the total). As long as the low space warning shows in the notification bar then you can't install any new apps or update any existing ones.

    Some tips for managing space efficiently:

    1. Use Astro file manager to back up apps to sd card. You can then uninstall some of the larger apps such as games which are not played frequently. Then if you want to use that app again you can reinstall direct from the sd card in a matter of seconds (even if you have a low space warning).

    2. Regularly clear cache by going into menu / settings / applications / manage applications / menu / sort by size. Click on the largest ones such as maps and internet and see if there is any cache which can be cleared.

    3. Check email settings. Email will take up much more space if you have it set to download the last two weeks rather than just the last couple of days. You can also set limits on file sizes and number of emails to download.

    4. Check settings for any RSS and news feeds you may have. Try and set them to limit the number of items and to automatically clear themselves after a couple of days.

    5. Regularly reboot the phone. Sometimes if you uninstall something or clear cache the free space does not appear straight away and only shows up when you reboot the phone.

    6. Mini Info is a good widget for monitoring the free space available ;)
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  19. DCFC79

    DCFC79 Well-Known Member

    When the phone is out of memory you also cant send any texts
  20. sanchezero

    sanchezero Active Member

    kind of a similar issue...

    i just put in a 16gb SD card to replace the tiny 4gb that came with the phone so i figured i'd try and download some music using the Tunee app since i now have space. got about 5 songs and then a low space warning popped up - i was at 29mb left (so maybe under 30?). my thinking is that Tunee was caching the moozak or something so i did the following...

    cleared the cache and restarted the phone. i also uninstalled google earth, so i then started with 51.16mb according to the settings. next going to tunee and downloading one song (appx 3:30min) dropped the memory to 35.2mb and checking the cache shows only 240kb. now when the download is finished it shows 44.82mb space. and then, after a restart, again, of my phone available space reads 56.87mb (odd that with these being the only changes between restarts that i gain 5mb space).

    so somewhere memory is being eaten and i can't seem to figure out where it's happening. using astro to check the SD card shows everything ended up where it was supposed to, but it's obviously going somewhere else, too. are there any apps that let us browse internal memory? anyone have any ideas on how to deal with this other than a restart?

    i'm not going to be using Tunee anymore and i suppose it could be some bad code specific to this app, but my guess is it happens elsewhere and i'd like to be aware/prepared to deal with it.
  21. pspbricker

    pspbricker Well-Known Member

    Yup, loadsa cache clearing done, also resetting of devices and memory management/apps copied to sd card. I still am not able to use my desire as I want. I need a GPS program, and Navigon takes 26MB. Contacts (synced with facebook with pictures) takes 13.5MB. I stream Talksport/BBC radio with Radiotime which is about 5MB. The Facebook app takes 6MB.That's 50.5MB gone. Then "socialnetwork.provider", mail, settings, HTC sense and Facebook for HTC sense account for another 12MB. Looking further down the list, I see a further 19 apps each using between 100KB and 1MB, and loads more up to 100KB.

    It leaves me with 10.27MB free, and a lot of teeth gnashing being done. I've had to uninstall the "Maps" update, Docs to go, IP Cam viewer and others.

    I seem to remember having a similar problem with my old N97, but Nokia released an update pretty soon after release which solved it. Like I said, this is not a device specific problem, It affects the entire Android range and has been criticized time and again by reviewers, users and developers - this problem needs to be addressed with the highest priority, and unless Froyo is released soon for the Desire (No, I really don't want to root unless I have to.) , the device will lose credibility as a "smartphone".
  22. n7of9

    n7of9 Active Member

    thank you snowmobile, that's really very helpful...i'll check out that widget too
  23. 1981

    1981 Well-Known Member

    ahhh one of the big flaws i find with desire. absolutely no memory for such a pricey device. wat are they doing. just installed around 20 apps and its almost emptied.
  24. Mushhushshu

    Mushhushshu Well-Known Member

    agreed, too little memory for such a nice device. Snowmobile's post basically covered everything you can do unless youre willing to root. I have apps to sd and I dont think I'd ever be without it now, rooting isnt particularly scary and well worth it to be able to install all the apps you want.
  25. seanxwong

    seanxwong Well-Known Member

    cache clearing being done to get much space back, can I clear date of eac app? will it clear all pre-settings ?

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