[HOW TO](gaining root)unlock,downgrade,and achieve s-off with htcDev

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  1. MonsterMike

    MonsterMike Active Member

    do i put the whole zip file on the sd chip or do i open the file and put something from inside it on the sd?

  2. MonsterMike

    MonsterMike Active Member

    do i put the the whole ruu file on the sd card after i rename it or is it something in the file i rename and put on the sd?
  3. MonsterMike

    MonsterMike Active Member

    opps sorry didnt think the first one posted.. didnt mean to post twice
  4. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    you put the whole file on the sd card,leave it zipped,and rename.

    apparently the download is bad,i just checked it,and its only 140 of its 180mb actual size. :eek:

    you can try downloading a slightly older GB ruu from here: http://pvillecomp.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/Images/Gingerbread-Stock_PB31IMG.zip
    md5 25ec451e08cd98c9495971bcb37e6582

    or you can download the PB31IMG for froyo from the "download these files" portion of the original post. one of those should flash and get you up and running :)

    sorry for the confusion :eek:
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  5. MonsterMike

    MonsterMike Active Member

    i got it working.. i ran RUU_Incredible_C_Froyo_VERIZON_WWE_3.26.605.1_Radio_2. on the pc and it guided me through the unroot. but i really didnt want it unrooted. just wanted it working.. do u know the best root i should do on it? and thanks for all the help without these downloads i would still be lost.. i will also read up on the reroot forms.. but any ideas of the best rom to work on getting to would be awesome... thanks again for the help...
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  6. iowabowtech

    iowabowtech root@android:/ #

    Answered in your other thread. ;)
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  7. MonsterMike

    MonsterMike Active Member

    lol opps
  8. MonsterMike

    MonsterMike Active Member

    ohh yea scotty was the one that gave me the link for the ruu file
  9. 3sgte

    3sgte Member

    well im up and running on cyanogenmod 7.2 thanks to scotty85 and this forum!! hey scotty85 as per your last statement about loading the newer radio and hboot, just wondering if there are newer versions than i have. as of now i have
    are these new enough or are there newer?
  10. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    the hboot is one version back from the newest. the radio is old... that is the froyo radio,from the downgrade. the choice is ultiimately up to you,if you get good service and reception from this combo,you certainly do not have to change it.

    however,id think it would be to your advantage to upgrade at least the baseband. the 1.02 hboot is prolly fine,but i would upgrade it as well,just so it matches,and both will be the newest available.

    the new baseband number(i thing :eek:) is

    monster mike im glad youre up and running,and again,i apologize for the incomplete shipped roms downloads.
  11. 3sgte

    3sgte Member

    thanks for the info scotty, i of course do have some questions though..
    where should i download both of these files and also how do i load them into the phone? is it done using my computer or can i download them using my phone then just install them?
    thanks as always!
  12. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    links for both the new hboot and radio were added to the OP,and are in post #221 :)
  13. 3sgte

    3sgte Member

    cool, i see the new radio and hboot but how do i install them on the phone? what would be the easiest way to go about it? im hesitant to mess with anything because my phone on cm7.2 is running perfect!! again thanks
  14. imtoomuch

    imtoomuch Well-Known Member

    Amazing guide! Thank you so much!!!

    Is there a way to confirm that the 4.08.605.15 radio flashed properly?

    My HBOOT says not
  15. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    8)Finishing up
    1)update hboot/radio.
    you can install the following in hboot by renaming PB31IMG,or you can place them in miniadb_inc,and flash them like you did the froyo downgrade(phone in fastboot mode):
    fastboot devices

    fastboot erase cache

    fastboot oem rebootRUU

    fsatboot flash zip zipname.zip

    fastboot reboot-bootloader

    fastboot reboot

    *whatever method you use,make sure to double check the md5s,as a bad hboot or radio flash can and will leave your device unworking and unrecoverable :eek:

    -4.08.605.15 radio and 1.07 hboot:
    md5: PB31IMG-4.08.605.15-hboot-1.07.zip db019de010ae8ef6a2c250fd8b378ba1

    md5: PB31IMG-4.08.605.15-radio.zip cb8b3ac72c0ae13e1f088b302135bd58

    note:the bootloader may still be in ints previous state when you re-flash it(i.e.,if it was unlocked,it will still be). if you find it to be locked or relocked you can use your original unlock-code.bin to re-unlock it,if you wish. this is optional,but unlocking the bootloader does give you access to a few extra fastboot commands.

    hboot will say so apparetly your flash was not successful.
  16. Hello. I recently decided to root my Incredible. Followed the OP and everything worked as expected, but I decided to stop before downgrade and s-off. I have been using my phone for a couple of weeks and now want to go all the way. My question is do I need to do anything (wipe, etc.) before I continue to the next step, or do I just treat it as if I never stopped?
  17. sdrawkcab25

    sdrawkcab25 Well-Known Member

    Can just treat as if you never stopped... but the downgrade process to get s-off will completely wipe your phone (not the SD card). You can boot into recovery though and make a nandroid. Then restore the nandroid when you have finished the process.
  18. Thank you for the prompt response. If I restore my nandroid after downgrade/S-off, what will it restore other than apps? OS version, hboot, radio? Just apps and data? Again, thank you for getting back to me so quickly.
  19. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    it will be an EXACT snapshot of how your phone is set up when you make the nandroid. apps and app data,call logs,sms threads,all settings,etc. everything down to whats in your email inbox at the time. it literally will be like you never left :)
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  20. sdrawkcab25

    sdrawkcab25 Well-Known Member

    To add to what Scotty said... your hboot and radio will NOT be restored though. Its fine to leave the hboot as is... but you may want to re upgrade your radio, but is optional.
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  21. Thanks guys!! One last question....I hope. As I understand it, everything will be restored except hoot and radio. Will I be running Froyo after the restore, or the version I have on the nandroid (2.3.4 build 4.08.605.15)? Scotty addressed the data, and sdrawkcab mentioned hboot and radio. What about OS? Either way, I'm moving forward. Just want to know what to expect.

    Thanks again
  22. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    basically,everything that is in the boot,system,data,or cache partitions will be backed up,and thus restored. that why hboot,radio,and any other firmware will be left alone.

    when we say an exact snapshot,we mean an EXACT SNAPSHOT :D

    everything will be exactly the same. if you made the backup on froyo,thats what it will be when you restore. if on GB at the time of backup,thats what will restore.

    when you restore the bckup,it will be like you just rebooted the phone. everything will be exactly like it was when the backup was made.
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  23. Wow, you guys are Johnny On The Spot with your speedy responses. I love it! Thank you for clearing that up for me. Now I'm off to finish what I started. Not sure why I didn't just knock it out the first time through.

    Thanks a bunch
  24. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    awsome! holler if yuo have questions :)
  25. Do I need to flash the radio and hboot if I plan on flashing Cyanogen? Is that kind of stuff already baked into the ROM?

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