[HOW TO](gaining root)unlock,downgrade,and achieve s-off with htcDev

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  1. blackstallion1

    blackstallion1 New Member

    Is there a way to do this without activating the phone? I did a factory reset not realizing I'd have to enable USB debugging, now I can't get past the first step with miniadb.

  2. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    you can try this:
    How To: Bypass the Activation Screen on the HTC Droid Incredible - TheUnlockrTheUnlockr

    or this:

    or simply call *228 and hang up 3 times. after the third attempt,you should have a "next" button instead of retry. :)
  3. sdrawkcab25

    sdrawkcab25 Well-Known Member

    I've always just let the activation fail...after the first or second time it will allow you to skip it.
  4. salfronz

    salfronz New Member

    So the HT Incredible has a track ball? What are you talking about?
  5. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    i dont think anyone said anything about a "track ball". the htc incredible has an optic track pad,that does behave very much like a tracball,but without the associated issues(getting dirty and no longer working)

  6. emarlatt

    emarlatt Member

    Anyone have copy of the mini adb to preform the downgrade download link is not working? Thanks a head of time
  7. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    Mini-adb_inc download link working fine for me. Just downloaded it to my phone :eek:
  8. lukewaterhouse

    lukewaterhouse New Member

    Link starts to download and then says network error at the end.
  9. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    wich link? mini-adb? its still working fine for me,i just downloaded it to my PC,again. some of the exploits and utilities inside may be being seen by your firewall/ativirus software as potential threats. you may need to temporarily disable antivirus software,use a different browser,or a different PC. you could prolly even download it directly to your phone and transfer it to the PC via usb.

    i downloaded it to my phone a couple days ago.
  10. lukewaterhouse

    lukewaterhouse New Member

    good guess:eek: It was antivirus stopping the download. funny though it never gave a popup, just prevented successful download. Thanks Scotty!
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  11. lukewaterhouse

    lukewaterhouse New Member

    I can't get past step 4 and my radio baseband is unsupported by unrevoked forever.

    I do have root access and the bootloader screen says "locked". Really all i wanted was root so i could use apps from the market that require it. The phone seems to be functioning well. :D

    So my question is, do i need to complete any of the other steps at this point like relocking htcdev, etc... or am i done?
  12. earthformed

    earthformed New Member

    Thank you so much scotty85 for all your help. I was really nervous as this was my first ROOT process on any device and the list of instructions (well, pages upon pages) I found at first was more than daunting. To my happiness among those pages I found the link to your original thread which you marked outdated and pointed to this one :). Your instructions were so complete and well written even for a noobie like me. When I got to step 8 I thought I'd just tanked myself but after having walked away I realized I was finally in a place where I could apply the CyanogenMod without any further downgrading. I didn't do any updating to the radio separate from the instructions provided in the CM wiki. Is that OK or will I regret it? The fact that several people have said that an unsuccessful radio update/flash could brick the device made me extra nervous. But I figure I've gotten this far if I have to or it would be beneficial to apply an update to the radio then I'll give it a shot. I'm going to be writing a blog post about my ROOT experience, would you mind if I included a link to your post and thread?
  13. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    awsome,im glad it ws helpful. feel free to link it in your blog.

    you can run the phone as-is if you wish. youll just have to monitor your signal strength, and data speed/stability and determine if its acceptable or could it be better.

    my nature and general thots are that newer is always going to be a lil better,even if the differences are not really perceptible,so i personally would recomend to update the radio and hboot.

    it is good to exercise caution,but as long as you are careful,its unlikely youll end up with a brick. just make sure you:
    -check the md5 of any file containing an hboot and/or radio. a corrupt file is what will brick phones.
    -make sure the phone is fully charged prior to flsahing. dieing in the middle of an hboot or radio flash is bad,as is pulling the battery,so make sure the phone is placed somewhere it cannot fall.

    if you want,you can wait a few days to see if you want/need to and get your confidence up. yo can certainly wait and doi it later :)
  14. mefnj

    mefnj Member

    i've been reading all i can about rooting my Dinc, and i must say this seems to be the most detailed and clear method. i haven't made the committment yet, though.

    maybe this is a dumb question, but since HTC has released the unlocker for the bootloader (if i am saying that correctly?... or is it htcdev?), why don't they just go all the way and push out an update that is all unlocked and rooted? why make everyone go through all this for something they are implicitly condoning by releasing the means to unlock? i mean, when an update comes through from HTC, they are basically flashing a new ROM to the phone, right? why not just make it the equivalent of being a rooted ROM?

    also, it is generally understood that any Dincs still out here in use are not going to get either the ICS or JB updates automatically... and hence, any one-click rootings based on ICS or JB are also not going to be available to Dinc users.

    thanks for all the hard work you and other put into this... i guess when i get ready to take the plunge it is nice to know that their are helpful people out there!

  15. lukewaterhouse

    lukewaterhouse New Member

    Just wanted to update. The only issue i had was with step 4 when you type into the cmd window,

    fastboot getvar mainver

    I was typing

    fastboot getvar mainv"a"r

    It was giving me an unkown command error so i would reunlock and try again. After the third try i figured it out.:rolleyes:

    Anyway, now im full root with cyanogen 7.2 mod running. Next i will update radio and hboot. Love your thread! Thanks again for the help Scotty!
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  16. jeb33x

    jeb33x New Member


    Before I get to my question, thanks for posting this how-to! I've been debating about rooting for a long time and finally tried to give it a shot. After reading through the instructions and taking my time to do it exactly as written, everything went through without any major issues.

    Now my question... I've looked through most of the posts and it doesn't look like anyone else has asked. I'm a bit confused about step 8. Is this a necessary step? When I'm in hboot, this is what I see:

    *** UNLOCKED ***
    Apr 24 2012,22:58:40



    From what I can tell, it looks like it's up to date, but this is uncharted territory for me. Can you clarify what step 8 is for and whether or not I need to complete it?

  17. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    while youll see alot more folks rooting older devices in order to get updates that wont be coming from htc/vzw the truth is that we as rooted user are still in the minority of the phone using public.

    they are not going to push updates,as not everyone wants to be rooted,especially since in itself having access to all parts of the phones filesystem,being rooted can be a potential security issue,as ccould an "unlocked" bootloader in the wrong hands(thats why unlocking wipes your personal data). not trying to scare you into not rooting,these things are extremely unlikely,but still why you will not find a rooted rom from htc to become mainstream :)

    just holler if you have questions when you get to rooting :)

    typos can be fustrating,thats why i generally copy and paste commands,i know i dont type very well ;)

    glad you got it and are now s-off :smokingsomb:

    your radio is not the newest one,so you may want to update the radio. other than that,you are done :)
  18. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    sorry,i somehow missed this post... im guessing you couldnt get past becasue of the typo you mentioned? sorry for the lack of response,i didnt mean to ignore you :eek:
  19. jeb33x

    jeb33x New Member

    scotty85 - Thanks for the quick reply! I just updated the radio, which went smoothly. :D

    Another question. Since downgrading to Froyo for this process, I now have an OTA update for what I am assuming is Gingerbread. My plan was to try a different ROM, so do I need to, or should I install the OTA update? Will that "lock" the phone and turn it back to "s-on"? Or do I just ignore it and install a ROM?

    I apologize if this was already covered... Thanks!
  20. SonOfFlyingPig

    SonOfFlyingPig New Member

    Just wanted to say that I ran the steps and they worked perfectly. I intend to donate to you, Scotty85. Thanks!
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  21. sdrawkcab25

    sdrawkcab25 Well-Known Member

    Ignore and install a ROM :) never attempt to install an OTA update.
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  22. jeb33x

    jeb33x New Member

    That's what I was thinking, but since this is my first attempt at root, I thought I should ask to be sure.

    I know what I'll be doing tonight. :)

    Thanks, sdrawkcab!
  23. mefnj

    mefnj Member

  24. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    thanks! donations are not needed,but appreciated... anything folks do donate goes toward purchase of new htc devices,to help a broader range of people :D

    glad the guide was useful to you :cool:

  25. funkifized

    funkifized Member

    it says that "htcdev unlock WILL wipe your personal data". How to I back-up this data to re-load it, or can I. Also, I'm not sure which personal data this refers to. I know that there's no warranty left for this phone, so that's not a problem, but I'm fanatically concerned about bricking the phone and losing my contacts, etc. I also hate having to re-install apps from my remembrance of what I had before, and set up my desktop the way I had it from before. Not a dealbreaker, if I can get rid of that damned "Out of memory" error, but I'd like to be able to back up this info so I don't have to re-customize my desktop and apps.

    Am I expecting too much here?

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