How to get $10 tmobile internet data plan work with BH2 ?

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  1. HadouGhost

    HadouGhost Well-Known Member

    i got the $10 data plan and its asking me to upgrade.

    how do i manually set the apn??

  2. HadouGhost

    HadouGhost Well-Known Member

    nevermind, i looked around and found how. changed the APN internet2.voicestream and yay internet! if it really does work with the N1 ill be getting that. and/or if it workes with the galaxy s ill get that.
  3. rleal2010

    rleal2010 Well-Known Member


    you are all silly!

    Unless you have bought your behold II from a friend or paid for it in full, there is no way for you to get the 10 dollar a month internet.

    In other words, if you got the phone new from tmobile for like 70 bux, its going to have a $30/month unlimited android internet attached to it for 2 years.

    The other option is that you can opt out of the internet, and pay them 10/month for them NOT to put unlimited internet on your plan.

    I found it dumb to pay tmobile to NOT have a service.

    Its like a paying a hooker to not have an encounter lol (i know,bad reference)

    also, but let me tell you this, 10/month internet is hella slow
  4. tritran18518

    tritran18518 Well-Known Member

    with my $10 internet plan, i get 3G connection about 70% of using time. That's great ^^!
  5. HadouGhost

    HadouGhost Well-Known Member


    you know what i did? i walked in to tmobile, told them my phone fell in to the drink and that i need to change my plan abit. that im using an old razr and need to switch to just talk+text. they'll go ''okay!"

    get home, call the tmobile customer service # on a diff phone than your behold 2, tell them the same story, and ask for the 10 a month internet
    dont let ANY tmobile person tell you that you are 'stuck' with the internet. lol.

    i've had the regular talk+text+web and now im on the 10 a month internet. the speeds to me are the SAME. its data over 3g/edge connecting to the internet.

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  6. eugenile

    eugenile Well-Known Member

    no one listen to rleal2010,

    see how he is the only one who claims that, yet several have counter arguments.

    the $10 is 3g and is fast.

    im sure any one of us can do a video showing proof, but it would reveal too much personal account info im sure.

    so you can either believe 1 guy, or go with the 4+ guys who have no problems.

    sounds like he just got ripped off by T-mobile because he didn't know the right steps to get $10

    case closed..

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  7. HadouGhost

    HadouGhost Well-Known Member

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  8. coolshades

    coolshades Well-Known Member

    Hi all,

    Would someone please show us how to change the apn? Settings -> Mobile networks -> Access Point Names -> T-MOBILE US 310 260 which brings us to Edit access point screen. What I have now is:

    T-MOBILE US 310 260


    <Not set>

    <Not set>

    <Not set>

    <Not set>

    <Not set>


    MMS proxy
    <Not set>

    MMS port
    <Not set>



    APN type

    Authentification Type

    What should be changed? Or do we have to set up a new Access Point? Thanks in advance for guidance and advice.

  9. tritran18518

    tritran18518 Well-Known Member

    change APN into:
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  10. coolshades

    coolshades Well-Known Member

    No Go! :( I inserted sim from my wife's phone and changed apn to It asked for upgrade to web2go! Any other suggestion?

    TIA, Cool
  11. inaz4sun

    inaz4sun Well-Known Member

    it should be

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  12. TheKrell

    TheKrell Well-Known Member

    As others have mentioned, this is not correct. I "bought" my BH2 for free + the upgrade fee + shipping right off T-mobile's website. It allowed me to leave my plan as-is, and I do not pay $30/mo or anything else for a data plan. Of course the website won't let me do squat without demanding that I add that $30 plan, so the website is marginally useful right now. For example, to add my wife's $10/mo unlimited data plan to her Nokia Nuron, I had to call. The CSRs have no trouble doing these things. Just checked my bill; still no data plan (or fee) on my BH2.
  13. brightsn

    brightsn Active Member


    Do you use the wifi? I hardly ever leave the house, so I don't mind not having a data plan. I can still access the webpages I like to use while sitting on the sofa. Of course, many places have free wifi access now, which is nice. I can sit outside of Dunkin Donuts, sip my coffee and browse the web. The only reason I would want a data plan, really, is to be able to use Weather Toggle widget, because it just looks so awesome, but whatever. . .you can't have it all.
  14. TheKrell

    TheKrell Well-Known Member

    Of course I use the wifi! Google Maps of course doesn't work when I drive out of range of wifi. So I use MapDroid instead. ;)
  15. BurgDog

    BurgDog Well-Known Member

    Hint - there is no requirement that you be honest about which phone you have on the website. I, for example, officially have a Motorola Zine as far as the website is concerned.
  16. coolshades

    coolshades Well-Known Member

    Still no go. I tried with the proxy and The first method does not send me to the web2go page when I get on the internet. It just says web page unavailable, regardless which web site I try. The second method always redirect me to the web2go page.

    I noticed also that the apn setting changes by tagging to the end apndroid. E.g. I put, it automatically put wap.voicestream.comapndroid. The apn type always switches back to *apndroid, regardless if I changed it to internet+mms, mms only, or internet only.

    :( Any help is appreciated. I want to make sure that my wife's $10 data plan works on the Behold II before I try to get myself a similar plan.

    TIA, Cool
  17. nhung

    nhung Member


    You have a program called APN Droid installed on your phone. It attempts to turn off 3G by appending apndroid to the end of the original APN. This does not turn off 3G. However, it does mess up your 3G connection. I would uninstall that program.
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  18. nhung

    nhung Member


    When I change my phone to something else on the website, it always change back to BH2 the next time I logged back to the website. Does this happen to you?
  19. BurgDog

    BurgDog Well-Known Member

    It doesn't for me - I can change the phone to whatever I want. As long as the phone is changed for the session, though, you should have access to the services for that phone even if it does revert back to the BH2 on the next login.
  20. ramazank2

    ramazank2 New Member

    Thanks! Worked great for me! I used
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  21. coolshades

    coolshades Well-Known Member

    nhung, it worked. Thanks so much. I didn't know how apndroid works therefore not realized it is apndroid that appended apndroid to the end of the apn. I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN, apndroid!!! lol. If I could get the $10 (better if it's $5.99) data plan added, it would be perfect. ;)

  22. eugenile

    eugenile Well-Known Member

    This is the hidden gem of owning the Behold 2, $10 or cheaper unlimited 3g data plan. hah
  23. dpshptl

    dpshptl Well-Known Member

    I dont have a data plan, can I call Tmob and just ask for the $10 data plan? Is this plan for unlimited data use per month?
  24. BurgDog

    BurgDog Well-Known Member

    It is extremely unlikely that tmo will give you the $10 data plan if they know you have an android phone. You might have to play CS roulette to find an agent that will give it to you, most will tell you it is not possible.

    Best bet is to log into your account, pick a phone as your phone of record that has the $10 service available, I use the Zine, and add the $10 plan that way. First month is free.

    And yes, the $10 plan is for unlimited data use.
  25. eugenile

    eugenile Well-Known Member

    YOU CANNOT, just call tmobile and ask for this plan.

    You need to put your sim card in another phone that is phone first, such as the nuron, highlight, or many other older phones, that isnt labeled as a SMART PHONE.

    then you can call, BUT if you want it faster, do it above, just go to tmobile website and change your phone to the nuron or highlight, and you should be able to add the $10 data

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