How to get 4G back or not be stuck in 1XSupport

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  1. Rummaged

    Rummaged Member

    I've had this problem since I got the phone and haven't seen a solution so I hope this helps. Problem seems to happen when phone has been on wifi too long and then the only way to get 4g back is to restart phone.

    Go to your phone and dial *#*#4636#*#*

    then go into phone information and hit turn off radio.
    Give it a moment
    Then hit turn on radio
    Give it another moment and 4G should be back.

    Mods please sticky this if possible.

    Now if someone could create a widget to do this quicker...

  2. bldgengineer

    bldgengineer Well-Known Member

    I had this problem when I first got it. Did a factory reset and haven't had it since. Also, my DX started doing the same thing and normally a quick solution was turning airplane mode on and off fix it
  3. Rummaged

    Rummaged Member

    Tried both of those things and neither fixes it
  4. bldgengineer

    bldgengineer Well-Known Member

    I'd call tech support. It's possible your PRL or ESN needs to be updated. This will cause an issue as well. I've heard of a bad SIM card causing this type of problem too.

    If you contact tech support and they can't get the issue straight, they will issue you a return voucher for a new phone.
  5. Rummaged

    Rummaged Member

    Thanks bldgengineer, would you call Verizon tech support or HTC tech support? I'm guessing you mean Verizon right?

  6. bldgengineer

    bldgengineer Well-Known Member

    Yeah sorry about that. Verizon tech support. They're probably going to eventually do a hard reset so you might want to be prepared for that.
  7. Rummaged

    Rummaged Member

    Ugghh, I did that already. I really think it's a software bug, I've found other posts about it. I'll call them up and see what they have to say.

    Thanks again.
  8. bldgengineer

    bldgengineer Well-Known Member

    It will be a hard reset after they try some changes on their end. Some of those changes won't / can't go through without doing a hard reset.
  9. drpeachfuzz

    drpeachfuzz New Member

    Been having this issue myself for several days on my Rezound. Will pick up 4G and 1X only, as soon as traveling outside 4G area, goes to 1X and stays there. Called Verizon tech support this afternoon about it, reset the phone and went though various settings, they checked everything on their end, they are now sending me a new phone. We'll see how that works....

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