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How to Get a .prl off your phoneTips

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  1. santia213

    santia213 Well-Known Member

    Got a New Prl but dont know how to extract it and share with the community? here ya go! :)

    1. Make sure USB Debugging on phone is enabled,
    2. Download the proper USB drivers for your phone and install on your computer
    3. Download and install qpst 2.7 qpst 2.7
    4. Connect phone to computer
    5. Open device manager expand ports and make note of what com port your USB device is on
    6. Open up qpst configuration if com port is not shown select add port and enter com# (# being the one seen @ device manager)
    6. Load QPST Configuration, under Start Clients menu, select "Service Programming". (phone must be selected to continue)
    7. Click Read from Phone and enter MSL/Spc code (000000).
    ( Your Spc code can be obtained by putting your phones MEID either here
    http://www.meidconverter.com/ or http://www.checkesnfree.com/ )
    8. Then Save to file.(This will save a .qcn and .rl0 file)
    9. Then In QPST Configuration , under Start Clients menu, select "RL Editor".
    10. In RL Editor, load your .rl0 file.
    11 Go to File, Save As... *make sure the type is *.prl and enter a file name.

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  2. Kaiser17

    Kaiser17 Well-Known Member

    Hey thanks for the guide, this will come in very handy to alot. This Guide along with your other one http://androidforums.com/lg-optimus-m/394106-update-optimus-m-prl-using-qpst.html should be stickied as when I was first looking for how to update my prl, that thread helped me, and now this to extract a prl so members can share the latest ones. These guides are noob proof so it should be easy for anyone to follow them.
  3. santia213

    santia213 Well-Known Member

    No problem just trying to help with what i can :)

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