How to get a Rooted Revolution from trying the OTA update ???

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  1. jetman

    jetman Member

    My son rooted (1 click) his Revolution immediately after buying it a couple months ago and it's been working great. He keeps getting the OTA update notification, and obviously since it's rooted it won't successfully update. He has the free version if Ti BU loaded too. How do you get it to quit trying to update???? He says it gives him the notifications multiple times a day of the unsuccessful update attempt. How do you make it STOP??

  2. Rav20

    Rav20 Well-Known Member

    Right now the only way i know to stop it is to put [Rom][8-17-11]Revolt Rom 1.3 - xda-developers ROM on the phone
  3. Or there is a new home-less rom on the same site. Making the dumb update stop also saved my battery. The update was downloading and trying to install every day and eating my battery...


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