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How to get an .mp3 file to play when you receive a text message.

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  1. Jovias

    Jovias New Member

    Hello Everyone,

    If this is a repost I'm very sorry, however I am just trying to post a clear and precise way to get an .mp3 file as your notification sound when you receive a text message.

    First, there is a little prep you will have to do.

    1. Ensure you have a micro SD card inserted in your phone. Most phone will come with a default one already inserted.

    2. Attach your usb cable to your phone, then to your computer.

    3. When connected you will be presented with a folder. From that folder, select media.

    4. From the media folder, select audio.

    5. From the Audio folder select notifications.

    6. Inside that folder you will need to place the .mp3 file you wish to have as your tune.

    Alright, now your set to use the tune as your text message notification sound.

    1. Go to you text messages do not select a message

    2. Press your phone's menu button.

    3. Select settings, that has the image of the gear, (or cogwheel if you prefer)

    4. Select the option for notifications

    5. Select the options for notification sounds

    6. Select your default sound, that would be the .mp3 file.

    And your done, Press back a couple of times, and have a friend text you. Your song should now be your text message notification sound! Great job!

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  2. What phone is this for?
  3. Jovias

    Jovias New Member

    HTC Wildfire
  4. sue14

    sue14 New Member

    I did this for my samsung galaxy s3. It worked for emails but now my sms tone is silent. I went into msg settings and my notification sound box is ticked. If i change it one if samsungs own tones it works again. Why does it work for one type of notification and not another? Help please.

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