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  1. Sabresfan2630

    Sabresfan2630 Well-Known Member

    I did a factory reset for my phone and now I need help getting my contacts app and everything back on my phone? Yes i do have a gmail account that was synced before I did the reset, im just not sure how to get what is sync on my gmail account back to my phone after a reset.

  2. keisukehonda

    keisukehonda Well-Known Member

    Your contacts should sync automatically when you sign into your google account from the phone, but you have to reinstall all your apps manually.
  3. Tokens210

    Tokens210 Well-Known Member

    Sometimes you need to reinstall Gmail, but then you just go to accounts and sync and sync it back up, then in market if you press the menu button and goto my apps it'll show all apps you downloaded, you will have to re download each of them
  4. Colten

    Colten Member

    It should automatically backup and sync. Make sure 'Sync Contacts' is checked in Accounts & Sync. Just to stay on the safeside I like to keep a backup vCard which you can create by going to your contacts, hitting menu, then clicking export.

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