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  1. Mr_M

    Mr_M New Member

    I don't know how I did it, but on my home screen, originally I saw this:

    with the phone on the left, 2nd home screen to get to all the apps, and the contacts button to the right with the 5-7 screens.

    somehow I got it on some "Linux" mode where when I press anywhere on the screen, it will shrink to three small windows, two of which are empty and 1 of the windows only displays the following icons: Droid Market, Browser, and Maps along with a dock at the bottom. I want to go back to the way it was beforehand. Does anyone know how to fix this? Many thanks in advance!

  2. Mr_M

    Mr_M New Member

    update... heres my home screen currently with that annoying dock at the bottom with only 3 windows. when I touch the main page, it makes 3 small windows appear with only one of them being the main one.. kind of like Linux. My "original" home screen that came when I got the phone today is missing that had motoblur and weather to the left and news to the right along with more apps on my main page.

    I want to get it back somehow! :(

  3. krichek

    krichek Well-Known Member

    Dude, resize the pic lol! It looks like you're using an alternative launcher (maybe ADW or launcher pro?) Been awhile so I'm not sure which it is. Try uninstalling it and see if you get back to stock.
  4. Mr_M

    Mr_M New Member

    oops! I thought it would resize on its own :rolleyes: fixed now!

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