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How To Get Contacts Back?

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  1. 92GreenGT

    92GreenGT Well-Known Member

    Currently using the SuperClean0.7 2.2 ROM and it has backup assistant disabled in the ROM. When I synced my google account it did NOT sync my contacts to the phone and since backup assistant is gone, how can I retrieve them back?

    When I click on my google account it has the sync contacts but it's just my gmail account contacts(which I don't really use) and not my phone contacts. What's the easiest way to get them back on the phone?


  2. noroth

    noroth Well-Known Member

    I took care of this earlier this week. The best way around this is to set up all of your phone contacts from within gmail/contacts. I know it sounds like a pain, but in the long run, it'll be easier.

    See if you can get to the backup assistant webpage on verizons website. You can export from there and import into gmail.

    If you want to just get backup assistant back, you may have to flash back to the froyo leak rom and use that until you figure out a way to flash VZ Backup Assist onto a superclean rom.
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  3. chevyboi89

    chevyboi89 Member

  4. 92GreenGT

    92GreenGT Well-Known Member

    Whoops, I'm stupid, I was thinking it was a google service and not a verizon thing. My apologies guys!

    Will move everything over to gmail so this won't happen again. Thanks!!!

    Luckily when I need my contacts I get this message from Verizon:
    We are unable to process your request. Please verify the requested url and try again. ( 30 )

  5. noroth

    noroth Well-Known Member

    lol yeah vz backup assistant has been around for a good while. Used to use it on my old dumb phones over the last 5 years or more.

    If you can't export it from the verizon website (like me - wouldnt receive text with temp pw) then go back to stock 2.2, get backup assist up and going, then go to contacts->export to sd card. It saves it on your sdcard as like 0000001.vcf.

    Though many people said to export as .csv and bring into excel, etc etc. i was able to import into gmail directly from that .vcf. Went through and added last names and clean everything up.

    Whole process took maybe 1 hour or so and you get to let google hold your precious contacts =D.
  6. noroth

    noroth Well-Known Member

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  7. 92GreenGT

    92GreenGT Well-Known Member

  8. noroth

    noroth Well-Known Member

    =D twas a good find! This way you can either live with having Phone contacts or use that to get them exported to take into gmail. Let me know how it all works out
  9. nitsuj17

    nitsuj17 Well-Known Member

    its really simple to just import/export your contacts from the contacts app...its moves the backup to the sdcard and is easy to retrieve
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  10. 92GreenGT

    92GreenGT Well-Known Member

    Got them back.

    Now that I know about moving them to the SD Card, I'm going to do that as well for the future. Thanks!!!
  11. saps

    saps Well-Known Member

    I also used to use the backup assistant but honestly when using a google phone it just makes so much more sense to have them in google contacts. I'd seriously recommend importing them into your google contacts and then you can never worry about this again
  12. szdl4m

    szdl4m New Member

    I followed the first instructions and deleted all contacts. I do not know how to retreive the ones in backup assistant to put them on my phone. Please help.
  13. CPRS

    CPRS Member

    I have a suggestion for future reference. Lookout is an app on the android market that backs up EVERYTHING... your phone contacts, your pictures, your call log... etc. It backs up almost frequently and it shows when you've deleted contacts and who they were, etc. I would suggest downloading this app. I had the first Droid and I recently broke it and got a Fascinate. I logged on lookout today and everything from my Droid was there.

    If you have any questions concerning other problems with your phone however you may contact Cellphone Repair Shack or call (305)433-7285

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