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  1. CEV

    CEV Well-Known Member

    What I want is emails to have only a notification icon in the notifications tray, no sound or vibrate. I want text messages to vibrate. And the phone to ring normally with a ringtone as well as vibrate. I am not able to locate where to do this. If this is not possible natively, is there an app that will let me? Appreciate suggestions.

  2. CEV

    CEV Well-Known Member

    Bump. Still looking. Thanks.
  3. Btros

    Btros Well-Known Member

    As far as I can tell, you can't seperate the notifications for texts and emails, at least I haven't been able to figure out how to. What I did is use Handcent for messaging and changed the LED light notification to blue so I can tell if I got a text or email from looking at the light flashing.
  4. Paycer

    Paycer Well-Known Member

    You can set up different options between notifications, the ringer, and other audio. To make things easier, you can download Audio Manger. It's easier if I show you a screenshot.

    The widget looks like this, (I'm using one of the free skins, downloaded from the Market). You can place this anywhere on a homescreen of your choice.


    And this is the applications full menu screen. From here, you can actually set up audio profiles and set shortcuts to your homescreens. So, at the tap of a button, you can change all of your current volume settings. I have a Normal, School, and Night shortcut that adjust my volumes and vibrations accordingly. It's really quite convenient.


    While this will help you with part of your issue, it won't really do much for separating the types of notifications between applications. I'm not sure if there's a way to do that by default. You may be able to set things up differently within the applications' settings, if they give you the option, but there isn't another way that I personally know of.
  5. appleboy

    appleboy Active Member

    Using 3rd party apps will allow you to achieve this. Find the 3rd party apps you like (handcent k9 etc.), configure them appropriately and then turn all notifications on stock apps off.
  6. lilkoala

    lilkoala New Member

    No apps required. To set your email notifications, open email, hit menu button (bottom left) select email settings. Hit notifications, put check mark in notifications (status bar), silent for the select ringtone and make sure there is no check mark on vibrate. That will take care of your email. Now your text. Go into apps and open messaging. select text messaging. Hit the menu button (bottom left), messaging settings, notifications (status bar) put a check mark if you want it in the notification bar, select ringtone - silent, scroll down and put a check mark in vibrate. The phone ringtone is in sound settings from home page, hit menu button, settings, call settings. It's all in there.
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  7. CEV

    CEV Well-Known Member

    Thank you very much, just what I was looking for. So many settings in so many places.

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