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  1. TeeX

    TeeX Active Member

    I bought a couple of the aftermarket "KIDIGI" desktop docks, and I really like them so far.

    Except I'd like my phone to automatically activate dock mode when I insert them.

    I have one of the official Samsung docks that does this, but wondering why it doesn't do it on the KIDIGI dock?

    How can I get the dock mode to start up when I put my S3 into the KIDIGI dock?

  2. ylexot

    ylexot Well-Known Member

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  3. TeeX

    TeeX Active Member

  4. ylexot

    ylexot Well-Known Member

    You'll need an NFC tag and the app "NFC Task Launcher".
    1) Click on New Tag
    2) Click on New task
    3) Click on Add action
    4) Click on Applications and Shortcuts
    5) Click on Desktop Dock or Car Dock depending on which one you want to do
    6) Make sure it says "Enable" and click OK
    7) Click Done
    8) Write the tag
    9) Profit

    You can also create one task to go into dock mode and another to turn off dock mode, and then create a switch to toggle between the two. The when you scan the tag the first time, it goes into dock mode and when you scan it again, it turns off dock mode.
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  5. TeeX

    TeeX Active Member

    wow thank you! That was very clear and helpful!!

    Doing some research, are the Samsung "TecTiles" good for this? Are they the same as regular NFC tags?

    lastly, what does #8 "Write the tag" mean?

    I really appreciate all your help!
  6. ylexot

    ylexot Well-Known Member

    TecTiles will work, but they are overpriced. There are many places to get generic ones, but I got mine from Tagstand (NFC tags, labels, and stickers. - tagstand). They are the ones that make the NFC Task Launcher app (you can even buy tags through the app).

    Write the just put the tag against the back of your phone and the phone will write data to it.

    Here's another source of info:
    NFC Tags - XDA-Developers
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  7. TeeX

    TeeX Active Member

    hey, also wondering about Tasker. I bought the app, but it seems a little overwhelming lol.

    If I want to create a simple task (or profile?), where when I get power (AC or USB?) it turns on the dock mode, any suggestions?

    Also, do I need a separate profile (or task?) to then turn OFF the dock mode when I remove the phone from the dock?

    thanks, I'd like to learn more about Tasker, so I appreciate any feedback :)

    oh! Also, does Tasker use more battery? It would seem so, as it seems like it would always be running in the background?
  8. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    Running in the background does not = using battery.

    A profile consists of a trigger and a task. A task is what you want it to do. A trigger is what triggers the task.

    You can add multiple actions to a task including an exit task (what to do when profile is no longer active)
  9. ylexot

    ylexot Well-Known Member

    There are some new YouTube videos out that are pretty good. Just search for Tasker for beginners.
  10. Tagsfordroid

    Tagsfordroid Member

    definitely go with the NFC tags solution :)
    go with NFC solutions for everything!!!!

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