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How to get Galaxy-SMART OS/UI installed on my new i5510 phone?Support

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  1. hydrostarr

    hydrostarr Active Member


    Bought an Samsung i5510 to replace my Galaxy SMART phone (plan to return the latter to T-Mobile) for better battery, keyboard, and GPS.

    My Galaxy SMART phone has a beautiful user interface/interaction (UI). "Clean" icon presentation, aesthetically-pleasing color mode, great fonts, good virtual-desktop management, etc.

    My i5510, however, isn't nearly as good an experience. Comparitively ugly fonts. Ugly background, apps/widgets not as useful and/or well-present and/or not as nicely placed. Virtual desktop either not as easy/pleasing/efficient. Seems like it's mostly a UI-tweak thing to get it there... or OS (Android/Touchwiz/whatever) reinstall/reconfig to get it there.


    How do I get my i5510 "look and feel" to be just like my Galaxy SMART? (I'm not concerned about reinstalling apps/user/config settings... I'm happy to redo anything "specific to me.") Hoping this is a simple OS "reload" of a certain build version.

    In any case, how to do this? Help... thoughts... ? Any other context/details (eg, below) needed?

    (Need "chapter and verse," detailed directions. While a techie/geek/power-user for many other computing systems, never before have I customized Android/cell-phone stuff...)

    More details

    Not sure if this matters... but just in case...

    My Samsung Galaxy SMART:
    • Android version = 2.2.2
    • Model number = SGH-T589
    • Baseband version = T589UVKF1
    • Kernel version = uyoung.lee@SEP-19 #1
    • Build number = FROYO.UVKF1

    My Samsung i5510:
    • Android version = 2.2
    • Model number = GT-I5510
    • Baseband version = I5510BVKC1
    • Kernel version = root@DELL102 #1
    • Build number = FROYO.BVKC2

    fwiw, to my knowledge, I don't need 2.3/Gingerbread... my SMART currently suffices for most all things I need (although some additional options/tweaks/optimizations desired... see my other posts if you're interested in those).

  2. hydrostarr

    hydrostarr Active Member

    Any thoughts? (Need to get crackin' on deciding which phone to keep while I can still return both of them.)
  3. malikaran740

    malikaran740 New Member

    i dont agree
  4. hydrostarr

    hydrostarr Active Member

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