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  1. JALStudios

    JALStudios Well-Known Member I have the Intercept for VM. And I absolutely HATE it! It just keeps having more and more problems!! So what i decided to do is keep telling them the problems and they send out a brand new phone each time (MUST HAVE WARRENTY)!! They don't make me send the other phone back in or anything! So what I decided to do is just sell the other ones on ebay for about $40 and earn some money! After about a month of doing this thru about 6-7 phones I had enough for an Upgrade!! And it did not cost me anything!!

    I personally HATE Virgin Mobile!! All they do is give me trouble! So after I run out of my Months of service (I have about 3 left) I will go to T-Mobile's monthly plan with no contract! Here i will compare both of them:

    Virgin Mobile $35 Plan
    Unlimited 3G and Texting---And 300 Minutes

    T-Mobile $30 Plan
    Unlimited 4G and Texting---And 100 Minutes

    I also just wanted to give you guys a heads up! You will probably run across a problem with them!!

    If you have had problems with Virgin Mobile than just leave a comment below!

  2. acustins

    acustins Member

    Everyone who has had virgin has probably had some problem with them. You do get what you pay for and life is full of trade offs. Sounds like your problem is with the phone and not the service itself? But in my case... Verizon has the market cornered where I live and ANY service with them is expensive. Prepaid or not. None of the Straight talk android phones are on Verizons network they are on Sprint as is Virgin, and Virgin is cheaper. Order of networks in my area based on signal are: Verizon, Sprint, ATT then Tmo. I had TMo before and rarely had a signal, ATT was only a little better. I am not sure what kind of "trouble" you have had with virgin but just the fact that the intercept is slow buggy and old is a problem associated with the phone itself and not the service. My husband has the optimus V and its a wonderful phone with few problems. I just decided, rather than shell out money for a new phone, I would root and flash a better rom to the intercept and make it useable, and now it performs as well as his optimus and I have a keyboard. As far as service with virgin I have had little problems except when sprint had a data outage a few years ago, which of course affected virgin customers as well.
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  3. JALStudios

    JALStudios Well-Known Member

    I see what you mean 100%!! But I just went ahead and bought the Motorola Triumph *Rooted* running CM7 Gingerbread! I would HIGHLY suggest this phone but in order to get good use out of it you will need to root it! It is fairly easy to root! But anyways the 2.2.2 FROYO that comes on it is HORRIBLE!! So I rooted it and upgrade to 2.3! It works MUCH MUCH FASTER!! I also can add Android 4.0 ICS! But it is in Alpha Stage and I really don't want to have a Rom with all of these problems! The CM7 has a FULL release so everything works besides the HDMI! When ICS becomes less buggy then I will flash that! I really do appreciate what you said and many others would too!

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