How to get Jelly Bean update (WiFi Galaxy Tab 2 10.1)?General

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  1. Marc_G

    Marc_G Well-Known Member

    Hi Folks,

    Just got my refurb Galaxy Tab2 10.1 wifi version. Before I set it up I want to bring it all the way up to date, and I understand JB is available for it.

    Went to the About device screen, software update, and downloaded all available updates via wifi. This unit doesn't have cellular.

    After the updates I'm just at 4.0.4 instead of 4.1.

    Also, I noticed that when it rebooted, it asked for the name of the owner of the device and wouldn't let me get past that until I filled it in manually. Previously, it autopopulated it from the Google account. Is this unusual?

    Please advise. I will be providing this tablet all configured to my Dad in a week, and would like to get it to JB before bothering to go in and customize it for him.



  2. Daviduk

    Daviduk Active Member

    Is it a GT-P5110 ? If so the latest update is 4.1.1 Jelly Bean.

    You could try and do an update via your computer using Samsung Kies.
  3. Marc_G

    Marc_G Well-Known Member

    Thanks David. It's actually a GT-P5113. But I'm happy to report Jelly Bean came through this morning.

    After the first major update I reported above, I went back to the Updates section repeatedly and each time there was a small download of some incremental piece of software. After about the 4th one a BIG one came down, which apparently was JellyBean. Apparently I had to go through the updates in order instead of skipping to the end. I'm now at 4.1.1. Yea!
  4. Daviduk

    Daviduk Active Member

    Think you will find you have a U.S.A version and that might be the reason for the late update. My 5110 updated in December
  5. Marc_G

    Marc_G Well-Known Member

    Quite possibly so!

    Mostly, I think I just needed to be patient and get through all the queued up updates before it got to the JB one.

    The only problem now is that Flash is gone due to JB, and a bunch of sites of interest to me are done in Flash. This particular tablet is going to my parents, but I was going to get an identical one for home and let my kids do their math games (in Flash, of course) on it...
  6. skramblr

    skramblr Well-Known Member

    I had the same issue when I bought mine a few weeks ago, I had to do the software update 2 or 4 times before it got to the Jellybean update. Kind of annoying it didn't do it in 1 step.
  7. schneidr

    schneidr Active Member

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