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  1. ballymena boy

    ballymena boy New Member

    hiya guys i have just recently purchased a samsung galxy mini cool phone only problem is te fonts are so small and faint i can hardly read when typing...... i went to the online fonts but they all seem to be small is their a magnifier i can down load??? or could you recomend a font down load for large letters thanx for reading

  2. LizaB

    LizaB New Member

    I'm having the same problem! Has anyone solved this problem? I need the internet for work only I can't read it at all.
  3. kalikool123

    kalikool123 Well-Known Member

    Our device doesnot give an inbuilt option to increase or decrease the size of the font.
    To do it first of all you should have your device rooted.
    After that install an application named "Font Size" which allows you to change the size of the font. When it was opened in my device for the first time the device restarted, although there was no prob there after.

    If you want to change the font of the device you can get new fonts to the device online in settings>display>font style
    But I did it a diferent way by installing "Font Changer Lite" which need root access for changing the font of our device. Its advantage is that you can install any fonts you have as .ttf file
  4. nataliemartsia

    nataliemartsia New Member

    Me and my girl celebrating three years together, and I do have a lot to make up for it .. So I promised her a new gadget, something an unique that not too many people have, and something she'll love. So I thought maybe a small 7-inch tablet of apple's new series or maybe something else. I am thinking whether to go for a small smartphone fit into the palm of her hand (she is not one to go around with a bag.(
    Shortened, I read in YNET that they launched a new smartphone called Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini, can anyone give me opinions on the device? Maybe take another small device or should not I deal with little ones?

    Thanks in advance

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