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  1. jojo100232

    jojo100232 Member

    i have heard there is a update for the zte racer can someone tell me how the h**l to get it

  2. jojo100232

    jojo100232 Member

    :( no anser
  3. dpfoster2011

    dpfoster2011 New Member


    I understand you are in search of an Android update. You want 2.2, but why not go a step up and go for 2.3.3 (Gingerbread)? If you follow my instructions, you will have it within a matter of about 1 hour.

    First, go to Youtube.
    In the search box, type "Kako Root ZTE Racer".
    In the results, it should show one that has a title along the lines of:
    "Kako Ovati Root ZTE Racer". Click it and read the English instructions in the description. Download the necessary files as needed, and have fun!

    Note, I did not make the video, so please do not thank me, but rather, thank the youtube video owner.

    Also, please do not ask me to post links as I am only a newbie, so I cannot due to account restrictions.

    Have fun,
  4. powervolume

    powervolume New Member

    I am new hier and i asking you where can i find the files from the video?

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