How to get real fast full internet connection tethering your G1.

  1. Rodrigo

    Rodrigo Member

    How to get real fast full internet connection tethering your G1.

    First follow the steps described in this topic
    Alternatively you can follow the original post

    Until here you will get a relative slow web browser solution.
    No MSN or E-mail, download accelerators support.

    But here is the solution to get a high speed full internet connection for E-mail, MSN, Web Surfing, downloading and every what you want.
    Go to and download Proxifier
    Proxifier will allow you to do exactly what I describe before full high speed internet connection.

    Before I was looking a way to have a real tethering solution and here it is.

    Sorry for my bad English I am Portuguese speaker.

  2. dkaufman1

    dkaufman1 Well-Known Member

    Any forum regulars of the techie persuasion who try this, please let me know how it is.
  3. danielbb

    danielbb Well-Known Member

    I assume its a free service that uses free proxy servers? that usually arent fast and are unsecure. I'll give it a miss, but thanks.
  4. Manacit

    Manacit Well-Known Member

    No proxies involved, all it does it trick windows into sending all it's data through the phone and use your phone's data connection. It's the same thing as setting firefox to use a SOCKS5 proxy, only for the whole system.
  5. danielbb

    danielbb Well-Known Member

    ill try this and report back.
  6. danielbb

    danielbb Well-Known Member

    ohhhh, i see what its doing now, a local proxy.

    Works fine, but msn messenger still wont work for me, which is the only reason id want to use it in the first place.
  7. Rodrigo

    Rodrigo Member

    I post this solution because after I try use my G1 like a 3G modem using foxyproxy I just could navigate very slow and make 40kb/s download. And only firefox was working.

    After I used Proxifier I could get about 190kb/s download and simultaneous msn and web surfing.

    And the great thing is that you need to set up only Proxifier, and noting more.

    Danielbb If you can’t access MSN try to close MSN then open Proxifier, try to surf on the web in your browser, just to check if everything is running fine.
    After that, try to open MSN.

    Whit me everything works ok. Even MSN.
  8. muzicman0

    muzicman0 Well-Known Member

    can someone specify what settings to use? this would be awesome!

  9. Rodrigo

    Rodrigo Member

    Is very easy

    Just open Proxifier, click on the square (it will be on the side of the windows clock)

    Click on the first icon, the one whit a hammer.
    Press Add
    Enter the following settings:
    Address: localhost
    Port: 1080
    Press on SOCKS 5
    Then ok, ok

    And if you have follow the procedure before

  10. dkaufman1

    dkaufman1 Well-Known Member

    Will this work anywhere you have call service or just 3g service?
  11. danielbb

    danielbb Well-Known Member

  12. muzicman0

    muzicman0 Well-Known Member

    can't get it to work on my work laptop, I'll try it at home later...
  13. Rodrigo

    Rodrigo Member

    Whit this solution you will be able to use your G1 internet connection in your desktop or laptop or netbook (doesn
  14. iphonekiller81

    iphonekiller81 New Member

    Hi all, new to these forums

    I followed the instructios line for line and when I get to using CMD the adb prog will not let me foward the port. No error or anything it just lists the progs commands like I only typed adb

    Am I doing something wrong?
  15. Rodrigo

    Rodrigo Member

    iphonekiller81 Sometime this happens whit me too
    Try to continue the steps and see if you make it work.

    Remember the steps

    • Install the app on your android phone, by clicking here (from your phone browser of course)
      You might have to change your settings to permit apps that don't come from the Google Market by going to your home screen and choosing MENU > Settings > Applications > Unknown Sources.
    • Turn USB debugging on on your phone
      On your G1 go to the home screen, press MENU > Settings > Applications > Development, then enable USB debugging.
    • Follow the instructions here to install the Android driver - you'll need to do this on Windows & Linux but apparently not on the Mac.
    • Download and install ADB utility from here
    • Go to and download Proxifier
    • Plug your phone into your computer
    Using the Socks Proxy remember before to plug your phone into your computer

    • Choose Tetherbot from your phone's menu
    • Press the "Start Socks" button on your phone
    • Move to the directory that has the adb utility, using inside the Sdk Tools folder and run
  16. Capital

    Capital Member

    EDIT: I'm getting the following error....

    [02:03] firefox.exe - Could not connect to wpad:80 through the proxy server.

    I'm currently up and running on tetherbot. I downloaded proxifier and input the settings. Everything is going smooth but I don't think I'm running through proxifier, the traffic and statistics sections show nothing, like there's no activity going through it.

    Did I miss a step?
  17. Rodrigo

    Rodrigo Member

    If you are using Proxifier, you don
  18. d2marc

    d2marc New Member

    Hello Rodrigo, I have followed all of your steps and I seem to only be able to connect through my phone when I am connected to a wireless network, which kind of defeats the purpose. Do you have any tips for me? I ran a speed test to see whether I am connected through Tmobile and it says I am but only when I am connected to a wireless network. Do I need to do some type of configuration for my wireless network?
  19. Rodrigo

    Rodrigo Member

    Hello d2marc

    From what I understand you can only connect to the Internet when your phone is connected to a WiFi network

    If your mobile G1 can share the Wi-Fi network with your computer it also should be able to share the 3G conection. Try turning off the Wi-Fi conection of the G1 and see if it works.

  20. d2marc

    d2marc New Member

    Hello Rodrigo, The wifi, on my phone is turned off, I can only seem to connect to the internet when my computer is connected through a working WIFI connection. When I turn off wifi on my computer, I cannot connect to the internet and proxifier shows no activity.
  21. Rodrigo

    Rodrigo Member

  22. Darksyth

    Darksyth Member

    i downloaded proxifier yesterday, and I figured out the tethering issue 2 days ago, so I am still new to the tethering notion from my g1 phone. However, someone stated that they were able to use limewire in the same way by putting the proxy information the same as it was in firefox into limewire. Unfortunately, this is not working for me either in the limewire proxy settings or with no proxy settings in limewire, just set up in proxifier. Does anyone have a tip on how I am able to get limewire to work properly? It is not going any further than the "starting connection" icon on the bottom left of the screen, I have tried all I can think of to get it to work. My speed is not perfect, but it is decent. As analyzed by speedtest I have about 120kBps up and 94 down, if I'm not mistaken. I am on the EDGE network, if that matters.

    Anyone who can help, it would be sincerely appreciated.
  23. dj_balders

    dj_balders New Member

    Hi all,

    I've just tried to get this going. Installed the app ok and started the socks server. But when I do the command 'adb forward tcp:1080 tcp:1080' I get the response 'error: cannot bind socket'. I've searched the forum to see if anyone else has come across this but haven't found anything.
    I'm running Windows XP SP3, and I believe my G1 has RC8 (still waiting for the update in the UK!). Will have a bash at this later on my mac, but it would be nice to get it going on my windows machine too.
    Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks.
  24. Rodrigo

    Rodrigo Member


  25. iaw4

    iaw4 New Member

    how to get fast speed for OSX?

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