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How to get rid of duplicate entries for alerts?

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  1. rembrandtqeinstein

    rembrandtqeinstein Member This Topic's Starter

    Jun 20, 2010
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    I installed several soundboards and decided to use one for my SMS notifications. I long clicked and selected "notifications". It told me where it installed the .wav file. However, this did not select that sound for my notification. I did this several times. Then it occurred to me that I may need to actually then select that sound as my notification in my settings. However, I now have the same entry for that wav file duplicated several times.

    I thought it would be as easy as navigating (w/Astro) and deleting the multiple entries in the /sdcard/media/audio/etc... directory. However there is only one entry for the that wav file.

    How else would I delete the duplicates in my notification list?



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