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  1. paulj375

    paulj375 New Member

    Hey I brought my xperia mini pro yesterday and found that the userface is Chinese with Chinese built in apps? :/ wwhen I set up the phone it expected me to use the Chinese language not an english one and when I finished the set up ive found a whole page of Chinese language apps, even the amdroid market is the Chinese version!

    whem I browse the web and search a search engine called baidu appears in Chinese language so I cant understand it :/ I dont belive this phone had always been used with the chinese interface as ive brought it from the uk.

    I was thinken about rooting my xperia then deleting the built in Chinese apps and downloading google play, would this be a good idea or is there another way to solve this?

  2. paulj375

    paulj375 New Member

    Also ive had no problems with making calls/texts and surfing the web which says to me that my phone wasnt buillt to be used in the Chinese region which makes me think its all been put on somehow.......
  3. temporary2010

    temporary2010 Active Member

    Strange. The first thing that happens when you use a new Android is that it asks you for the language. Are you familiar enough to get to the menu to reset user data? This will wipe the phone, and you should be prompt for the language the next time you turn it on.

    Other ways to reset:
    Sony Ericsson Xperia X10: Hard Reset
    Should apply to the X10 Mini Pro, too.

    Method #1 won't work if you have the Xperia Mini Pro, SK17i/SK17a, obviously ;).

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