how to get the complete scrolling after scaling in webview

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  1. ravisaini1990

    ravisaini1990 New Member

    Currently i am facing a problem that i am displaying the HTML pages in web view and i gives two button for zoom-in and zoom-out.On clicking of zoom-in i am increasing the scale to make it similar like zoom but after increase scaling the content is going out from the width of screen in both side horizontally and vertically but i want that the content will always be within the boundary of screen,so please tell me any solution where can i change in android code ,XML or css or tell me how can i see the complete content of page after scaling because the contents are not completely visible.

  2. jonbonazza

    jonbonazza Well-Known Member

    Moved to the main App Dev forum to get some better eyes on it. ;)

    Unfortunately, I am no web developer, nor do I have much experience with WebViews.

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