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how to get videos from cloud storage onto fire?Support

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  1. athlaig

    athlaig Well-Known Member

    i have a mp4 type video file in my amazon cloud storage. the fire is suppose to play mp4....i am unable to see the file on my fire......same thing goes for a word document i have on there...i got the documents app but the document doesnt show on my fire....and yes i have the cloud section highlighted on the fire

    please help

  2. grvthang

    grvthang Well-Known Member

    I'm looking in the manual - they don't mention playing content that YOU store in the cloud. It just talks about either streaming their content (videos) or downloading them to your device from the store.
    It does say something about viewing personal documents by sending them to your "Send-to-Kindle email address": (whatever that is).
    Look in the manual that's on the device (The Kindle Fire User's Guide).
  3. grvthang

    grvthang Well-Known Member

    Now I see (for docs, anyway):
    There's an email address you need to send the doc to. Go to Docs and then hit the Menu button; it'll show you the address\. All this is explained in the manual in Chapter 3.
    But it looks like you can only store music in the cloud for use on the device...(?) That sucks!
  4. jjbryant

    jjbryant New Member

    You can also connect your Fire to a computer and it will be seen as an external drive. Copy the video file to the videos folder and the documents to the document folder (same is true for music and photos too). Disconnect from the computer with the disconnect button on the Kindle and then the device will see the video and documents. It can handle pdf docs natively but word requires an appropriate app to work. JJbryant

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